Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1369

Although Jason might be childish at times, he knew how to act when it came to critical moments. He was fully aware that Fabian was currently in deep water, thus it was best for him not to further discuss it.

“Okay.” Fabian also did not say much anymore.

Looking at Fabian’s cold response, Jason could not help but worry a little, as he had never seen Fabian in such a foul mood. But on the other hand, he still had tremendous confidence in the latter. Even as the situation had escalated as such, he still believed Fabian would win over Lyna eventually.

After Jason left, Fabian sat on his chair with his fists clenched. Lyna, you almost outsmarted me. If it weren’t for Jason, I’m afraid I would be defeated in blind. But since you have chosen this path, I will be sure to return the favor. From now on, you will no longer have a place in Blackwood Group.

Fabian’s eyes darkened as he pondered, as though clouds were forming above his head.

“Please come into my office now.” Fabian picked up the phone and contacted his assistant.

The assistant entered the office after a short moment.

“Mr. Norton?”

“Yes. Go and find Jason now. See if he can get the original copy of the contract. If he can, ask him to send me the original format and transfer all party A’s share to party B. Also, modify the list on the last page. Keep the format, but make sure no illegal items appear in the contract,” Fabian ordered his trusted aide.

“Yes, Mr. Norton.”

The assistant nodded right away, even though she had no idea what Fabian was talking about. But she figured she would understand after she found Jason and got those documents.

“Okay, after you have done all that, return them to Jason. He will know what to do. That’s all. Please get it done right away,” Fabian requested again.

Fabian waited for the assistant to leave his office before he picked up his phone to call yet another trusted aide. “Hello, please help me to check out this person called Lyna Blackwood. I want to know all her whereabouts for this recent month, understand?”

“Yes, sir!”

Upon receiving a steadfast affirmative from the other end, Fabian hung up a phone in a better mood. A moment later, he took a glance at his watch. Hannah should be heading to the gym by now. Natasha will be accompanying her, so I guess there won’t be any trouble.

“Who the hell are you?”

Inside the general manager’s office of Phoenix Group, Wayne was in shock.

He had just gone to the washroom for a short while. But to his astonishment, he found a stranger standing in his office after he came back.

“Haha, I’d advise you to keep your voice down, Mr. Freeman. You won’t want anyone to hear us.”

The intruder responded so boldly that he hardly seemed to fear or respect Wayne at all.

“Who exactly are you? What are you doing in my office? Speak now. Or I will call the cops.”

Wayne felt extremely insulted by this rude stranger.

“Call the cops? I suggest that you think twice. If the cops find out about your embezzlement, how many years of sentence do you think you will get?” The stranger was still smiling without any fear.

“What… what are you talking about? How did you know about that?”

Wayne was at a loss as he felt that more and more people knew his crime. He thought he could outsmart the world, yet he did not expect that Lyna would be the one who exposed him. Now the whole situation was closing up on him.

“Mr. Freeman, Ms. Blackwood send me to deliver a message. You can rest assured that we won’t do anything to you.” The man could not help to snicker at Wayne’s expression.

“Ms. Blackwood? What does she want from me?” Wayne was wondering why Lyna would not call him in person but instead sent a messenger here.

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