Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1371

It was a scrumptious meal with a great spread from appetizers to desserts. Even though no exotic delicacies were served, Fabian still enjoyed it very much.

Natasha found it extremely delicious too. She was not trying to butter up Fabian and Hannah when she sang praises about the food. It was her first time tasting the dishes since her arrival in Chanaea not too long ago. She even proclaimed that she wanted to learn cooking from Hannah.

Hannah agreed right away. As a woman, she liked being complimented.

After dinner, the trio chatted happily in the living room. When it was getting late, Hannah said reluctantly, “Where do you live now, Natasha? We’ll get someone to drive you home.”

Hannah was very fond of Natasha, the girl from Remdik. She’s so cheerful, generous, and straightforward, unlike the conniving people in her office.

Despite knowing each other for only a short period of time, Hannah had started treating Natasha as her close friend.

“Oh, I’m staying in Glory Hotel,” Natasha replied with a smile.

“Huh? You’re still staying in the hotel? You’re a trainee in our company. Don’t they provide you any accommodation?”

Upon hearing that, Hannah flew off the handle. Natasha is a rare talent, an asset to the company. Having recruited her is an honor for the company. I can’t believe the management hasn’t arranged a place for her to stay. This is such unfair treatment!

“Oh, it’s okay. I’m here to learn. I can’t trouble others to look for accommodation for me. It’s actually quite nice to stay in the hotel. I’ll search around for other options on my off days,” Natasha explained.

The truth was Fabian had provided Natasha with a villa but instructed her to tell Hannah otherwise if the latter asked about it. His intention of doing so was obvious.

“Well, we have a big house. Why do you need to stay in a hotel? Why don’t you live with us meanwhile? I’ll miss you if you go,” Hannah invited her earnestly.

Natasha shot a glance at Fabian and saw that he nodded silently. It finally dawned on Natasha why her boss wanted her to tell a white lie. He wants Hannah to invite me to move in so that I can protect her at all times.

“You don’t need to look at him. In this household, I have the last say.” Hannah thought that Natasha was worried about Fabian’s opinion on the matter.

Holding Natasha’s hands, Hannah pleaded coquettishly, “Just stay with me. I’m alone here and it gets so boring at times. This way, we can keep each other company.”

“All right, let’s do it.”

There was no reason for Natasha to decline her invitation. After all, Fabian was her boss and thus, it was only natural that Natasha would obey his command. Secondly, people from Remdik were open-minded and sociable. Besides, I like Hannah’s personality. It should be quite fun to be friends with her.


Hannah was over the moon the moment Natasha said yes. “Pack your toiletries, clothes, and other personal belongings and bring them here tomorrow. Our rooms here are spacious and fully furnished. With you moving in, I could save up on some rental too.”

Subsequently, Hannah convinced them to play cards. Natasha was a fast learner. She picked up Poker after being taught once by Hannah.

Hannah felt that it was dull to play by the book. Hence, she suggested a challenge where the winner had a chance to draw a tortoise on any body parts of the loser.

Fabian had no choice but to oblige after seeing that she was in the mood for game night.

After another hour of fun, doodles of different types of tortoises were found on all of their arms. Although Fabian was shrewd and witty, he could not escape the fate of losing here and there. As a result, there were five to six tortoises drawn on his arms. Needless to say, Hannah, too, suffered the same fate.

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