Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1373

“Sure,” Natasha replied without any hesitation. After all, her main duty was to protect Hannah. I’m not here to learn how to be a good reporter.

Soon, both of them had arrived at Jackson Group. “Hi, may I know if Mr. Jackson is in?”

“Oh, you must be Ms. Young. Mr. Jackson has been waiting for you. This way, please.”

Smiling, the receptionist gestured for Hannah to follow an usher, as per Xavier’s instruction.

The usher led them to Xavier’s office, knocked at the door, and left them.

“Come in.”

Upon hearing Xavier’s response, Hannah and Natasha entered his room.

“Good day, Mr. Jackson,” Hannah greeted him first.

Let’s not think about other matters, I’m here for work purposes.

“Don’t be a stranger, Ms. Young. You may call me by my first name, Xavier.”

As a president, Xavier was quite busy with work. He had been burying his head in piles and piles of documents until he heard Hannah’s voice.

Lifting his head, he acted his normal self.

Yet, he sighed in his heart when he saw the additional person trailing behind Hannah. Why is there still a need for a human surveillance camera? Fabian, oh Fabian, you’re so serious. Are you afraid that I’ll snatch Hannah away from you?

“You’re kidding me, Mr. Jackson. I’m merely a journalist whereas you’re a president of a big corporation. I shall address you formally as Mr. Jackson.” Hannah smiled politely.

It was impossible for Hannah to call him by his first name. That’s too intimate. I feel like I’m betraying Fabian if I call him that. How could I do that?

In response, Xavier let out a wry chuckle. She’s probably worried that Natasha, who’s by her side, would tell tales to Fabian.

After a slight pause, he indicated to Natasha, “Ms. Young and I will be carrying out the interview. Please excuse us.”

Xavier thought that Hannah would speak more frankly to him once Natasha was excused.

If she asks me to get her out of this place right now, I’ll do it right away without a doubt.

As for Fabian… He’s a joke. Since he’s not treating her right, he should be prepared to lose her.

Natasha was in a dilemma. Should I leave? It doesn’t seem appropriate for me to do either. Subconsciously, she shot Hannah a look to ask for help.

Hannah could sense her request. Immediately, she asked Xavier, “Mr. Jackson, I don’t think there’s a need for Natasha to leave the room.”

She then formally introduced her, “This is my assistant. She’s here to learn the process of conducting an interview. I doubt her presence will affect our work.”

Xavier furrowed his brows. What else can I say since she insists?

When he remained silent, Hannah took the initiative to get two chairs before gesturing to Natasha to sit down. Thereafter, she turned to Xavier. “Mr. Jackson, shall we begin the interview?”

Her words brought Xavier back from his daze. I told her there’s a new product to be launched with the hope of helping her escape from the trouble she’s facing. I never thought that she actually came for an interview, thinking it’s a real deal. Seems like I have no choice now but to create a new product on the spot. Moreover, Natasha is here with her.

“Oh, sure, let’s start.”

With the assumption that Natasha was an aide to Fabian, Xavier wanted to speak about a really cool product in order to impress Fabian.

“All right. Let’s begin.”

Hannah took her pen and paper out from the bag whereas Natasha set up the camera.

“Mr. Jackson, may I ask what’s the latest product that’s been released by your company this time?”

Everything was ready, hence, Hannah fired her questions away.

“Our company is preparing to launch a brand-new product called Healing Potion.”

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