Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1375

Hannah waved at Natasha and said, “Natasha, just give us a moment and wait for me outside. I’ll be right back.”

Xavier probably has something to tell me, that’s why he asks me here in the first place. Well, I might as well find out what he has to say and end it here and now.

Although there’s nothing going on between us, it still places me in a tricky position. What if Fabian misunderstands or if he catches us meeting each other? Will they fight again?

Natasha pondered for a while and then nodded in agreement. Hannah should be safe here, I’ll just wait outside.

Once Natasha left the room, Hannah spoke, “So, what’s the matter, Mr. Jackson? Please go ahead and tell me.”

He grinned. “Hannah, tell me what Fabian did to you so that I can stand up for you.”

Hannah found his statement unbelievable. You’re just an outsider. How dare you question about my husband and even claim that you want to stand up for me? You’ve got to be kidding me.

Getting worked up, Xavier approached Hannah and wanted to hold her hand.

Her presence here shows that I matter to her. She has a soft spot for me, doesn’t she?

Immense shock gripped Hannah and she immediately moved backward to avoid having any physical contact with him.

“What does it have anything to do with you what Fabian did to me? You’re in no position to interfere even if our relationship turns sour. Please keep your distance. I don’t want Fabian to misunderstand us.”

Honestly speaking, Xavier’s presence had affected Hannah’s mood.

Unlike Fabian, Hannah was very concerned. She kept reminding herself that she belonged to Fabian and having any suggestive moments with another man was a definite no for her.

Moreover, she loathed other men having physical contact with her without her permission. Seeing how Xavier wanted to hold her just now, she became upset.

The dramatic turn of events was beyond Xavier’s imagination, making him feel embarrassed. Even if she doesn’t allow me to hold her, her reaction shouldn’t be so… exasperated!

Xavier assumed that Hannah was afraid that Natasha would overhear their conversation. He tried to console her, “It’s okay, Hannah. Whatever you want to tell me, just get it off your chest. You’re already here. I’ll free you from Fabian’s threatening control. You don’t need to fear him anymore.”

Hannah was dumbfounded as she could not comprehend a single word he said. To save me from Fabian? Why? I couldn’t have been better being with Fabian, why should I leave him?

She looked at him in disbelief, not knowing how to respond.

Then, it dawned on her that he might have misunderstood her intention.

“Have you… heard any gossip about Fabian and me? Something unpleasant, perhaps?”

If my suspicion is correct, then I can finally connect the dots and understand why Xavier said all those strange things for my sake.

“Huh? Wasn’t it you who sent me a message via your superior? Hence, I got hold of Mr. Dijon to get you here, so that I could find out more from you.”

Puzzled, Xavier had not realized that Hannah’s superior could have lied to him.

Then again, it was not entirely Xavier’s fault. After all, no one would have thought that a mere manager would have the nerve to pull a prank on an heir of one of the five prominent families. Moreover, Xavier believed that Natasha was hired by Fabian to monitor each of Hannah’s moves.

“Huh? My superior? Which one? There’re only a few managers in our company. I have not seen anyone else,” Hannah told Xavier frankly.

Subsequently, Hannah figured everything out.

The superior that Xavier was referring to must have sent him fake news, saying something along the line of Fabian mistreating me. Considering that Xavier likes me, he assumes accordingly. It’s no wonder a brawl happened at the restaurant.

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