Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1380

“Wayne, is there anything you’d like to tell me?” Fabian asked in a grave tone, hoping that the man would answer honestly.

“What are you trying to say, Mr. Norton?” Wayne pretended to be confused.

He figured that Fabian might have worked everything out. However, he wasn’t going to admit his wrongdoings without hearing Fabian outrightly saying what he did. After all, Fabian could be pretending like he knows to lure me into admitting. He wasn’t going to risk getting caught, even if there was only a slim chance of escape.

“Oh? Let’s try a different approach then since you seem confused as to what I mean.”

Fabian continued with a snarl, “You seem to believe that I would harm you just because you embezzled eighty million.”


As soon as Fabian said this, Wayne fell to his knees. He knew then that Fabian had definitely figured everything out.

Fabian’s dark eyes flashed with disappointment as he stared at Wayne.

“Mr. Norton, I… I’m sorry,” Wayne choked. He wasn’t afraid of what would happen next; rather, it was because he truly felt sorry for betraying Fabian.

Wayne was originally a mere programmer in Phoenix Group. He was fortunate that Fabian saw potential in him and often requested him to carry out tasks. Little by little, as he aided Fabian, he was eventually promoted to being Phoenix Group’s general manager.

Fabian scoffed coldly in response, not saying a single word.

“Mr. Norton, I know that there’s no use saying anything now, but I just can’t comprehend one thing.”

Wayne was an intelligent man. After being recruited by Lyna, he knew that their fates were bound together for better or for worse.

So he made sure to monitor the others who acted under Lyna’s command. However, even until now, he didn’t know which of those people were caught by Fabian or if anyone ratted them out.

Fabian understood what Wayne meant. He knew that the man wanted to know how or why they got caught.

Although Wayne was an arrogant man who refused to admit defeat, he was also extremely scheming and intellectual; that was why Fabian promoted him in the first place.

Fabian clapped his hands, signaling the person who guarded the door to give way as two other people entered the office.

At this, Wayne’s gaze turned toward the door. His jaw dropped in shock once he saw who entered.

“Y-you’re alive?”

Wayne’s eyes widened as he held his breath in disbelief staring at William.

William should have been mortally wounded after being stabbed five times by Lyna’s henchman. So how is he still alive?

However, the person before him was undoubtedly William. He was sure of this because he was present on the day Lyna recruited William.

The William before him now sat in a wheelchair and was pushed into the room by another person.

“Of course he’s alive. I spared no expense in making sure of that,” Fabian stated.

Wayne’s head lowered in acceptance of Fabian’s firm response. He knew that he had been utterly defeated.

“Mr. Norton… I have nothing left to say.”

A low chuckle escaped from Fabian as he instructed his trusted aide, “Take him away. I’m sure he’ll come clean about everything.”

Fabian then returned to his office. There, he stretched his limbs and released the tension caused by this problematic affair. As for who’s the mastermind behind all these attacks against me, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough.

While he was brooding, the office door opened to reveal an overjoyed Jason.

“Fabian, how are things on your end? My side is all sorted out. Here, this is the contract,” Jason reported as he handed over the contract.

Contented laughter rumbled from Fabian’s chest once he unfurled the contract and saw Lyna’s and Winson’s signatures.

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