Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1383

It was evident that Jason had gotten someone to pull a switcheroo on her.

Not to mention, all those people she had recruited for her secret workplace had turned into renegades one after the other. Previously, they did awful things on Lyna’s behalf because they knew she would back them up. Now that Lyna had lost her upper hand over the whole situation, it was only natural that they would desert her to protect themselves from Fabian. After all, they’d be delusional if they thought they could stand against Fabian. That would be the world’s greatest joke.

Yvette pondered for a bit before helping Lyna up. At this, Lyna snapped out of her trance. She blinked bitterly at the now barren secret workplace.

Lyna’s chest tightened at how much she had lost; she drafted the transfer contract to bleed Winson dry, so she included her own villa as part of the transferrable assets too. But after. the twisted turn of events earlier, her wealth and her villa all belonged to Winson now.

Yvette cast a concerned gaze at Lyna. She hesitantly opened and closed her mouth for some time before finally uttering, “Although our plan failed… and regardless of what’s to come, I still owe it to you for saving me then.”

She then pulled out a credit card from her wallet. “The twenty million in this card is enough to support your lifetime’s spendings, so hurry and leave this city.”

A dangerous gleam flashed in Lyna’s eyes when she heard that Yvette was giving her twenty million. Brimming with hysterical glee, Lyna snatched the card from Yvette’s hands.

Yvette’s head shook disapprovingly at how crazed the woman before her had become. No longer wanting to witness this sight, she stood up and left.

Lyna couldn’t care less about the people who betrayed her anymore. She sat on the sofa, rocking her body insanely as she muttered, “I can take back everything with this twenty million… I’ll kidnap Hannah. I’ll make Fabian cough up all that money he took from me and more!”

Her face crinkled and morphed hideously, reflecting how intensely she hated Hannah and Fabian.

She got up and hailed a taxi for the black market.

Once there, Lyna entered a shop and approached some intimidatingly large men who were gambling loudly. She demanded, “Where’s your boss?”


Their bristly brows raised at Lyna as if questioning whether she knew what she was getting into.

“I have a deal for your boss,” Lyna declared.

The men eyed each other as they silently discussed amongst themselves. Shortly after, the man in the middle who appeared to be of higher standing nodded his head. Then, one of the men ran to get their boss.

Eventually, an irreverent chuckle sounded from the door. It came from a man in his fifties or sixties who walked toward Lyna, saying, “I hear you have some business for me?”

Lyna’s eyes immediately scanned the man from top to bottom. He was short and tubby, almost akin to a teapot. His belly peeked out obnoxiously from under his purple shirt while he held two walnuts in his hand.

“How much do you own?” Lyna carefully construed her words. Her question discreetly referred to how big the boss’ turf was in the black market.

“An entire street,” the boss boasted through an oily smile.

Owning a street in the black market was obviously not an easy feat. It meant that this man was someone powerful who people didn’t dare to mess with.

A satisfied grin curved on Lyna’s face once she confirmed the extent of his power. “Alright, I have a proposition for you.”

The boss waved for his men to leave. Once he and Lyna were the only ones left in the shop, he motioned for her to continue speaking.

“I want you to kidnap someone for me. I don’t care which of your men does it, but they have to be strong-willed and unflinching when threatened.”

Lyna’s instructions were straightforward. She no longer cared about covering her tracks because she had nothing to lose at this point.

The boss leaned against the table and tapped on it, pondering something.

It didn’t take long before he spoke up, “Hmm… For my charges… it’ll be this much.”

The old man raised a finger.

Lyna understood immediately that he wanted ten million. Snorting at this, she waved him off and commanded, “I’ll pay you twenty million if you can find decent men who are up to the task.”

She never cared for the twenty million. If she could reclaim her wealth and assets, then sacrificing the money was more than worth it.

“Okay, I like that you’re refreshingly easy to deal with. I’ll select the men for your little kidnapping operation personally. But before that, I’ll need a deposit from you…”

“There’s twenty million right here, so get to selecting.”

Lyna tossed Yvette’s card onto the table, sliding it over to the man.

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