Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1389

Although he was reluctant to do so, he didn’t have any other choice. Given that it was an important matter, he dared not report it to Fabian in advance.

The authorities would clamp down on anyone who possessed firearms for the safety of all citizens.

As such, he had no other option but to arrest Hannah. He would apologize to Fabian after the investigation was completed.

At this time, Hannah was watching a variety show while having snacks with Natasha at home. When someone knocked on the door, she stood up and opened it.

“Hmm?” Hannah couldn’t help but murmur bewilderedly once she opened the door.

There were several fully armed police officers standing in front of the door.

What’s happening? Could it be that the authorities want to arrest Fabian for something he did? It can’t be! Given that Phoenix Group was the top conglomerate in the country, she couldn’t believe that the authorities would target Fabian. Besides, Fabian was always cautious and wouldn’t break the law.

Hannah went back to the living room after opening the door. The next moment, all of the police officers surrounded her and Natasha.

Hannah immediately felt that something wasn’t right as they were staring at her squarely while murmuring among themselves. Nevertheless, they immediately lowered their gaze when she glanced at them, as though they dared not look her in the eye.

“What’s going on?”

She looked up and asked Natasha curiously, “Is there something on my face?”

Touching her face, she felt that something was amiss.


Natasha shook her head and pulled her hand down.

“Why are they here?”

Hannah couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread. Given that Fabian was a prominent figure, the police’s presence in their house signified that something serious had happened.

“It’s okay. Everything will fine.”

Natasha sat right beside Hannah and patted her shoulder. Although she was comforting Hannah, she had kept her guard up.

After all, Fabian had reminded her beforehand to ensure Hannah’s safety because something unexpected would happen soon.

“Will everything be fine?”

Hannah could hardly believe her words as she knew that the police definitely came to their house for a reason.

Meanwhile, Natasha sent a text message to Fabian secretly.

After a while, the highest-ranking officer finally said, “May I know if Mr. Norton is at home?”

Given Fabian’s social status, the officer was obliged to greet him if he was at home.

“Oh, he’s at the office,” Hannah replied.

Then, she asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to him?”

The officer took a deep breath. After that, he took out his ID from his bag and said, “Ms. Young, the police suspect that you’re involved in a firearms trafficking case. Please cooperate and come with us for investigation.”


Hannah unknowingly took a few steps back upon hearing that. Panic-stricken, her phone slipped out of her hand and fell on the floor.

What’s happening? I’ve never done it before! Hannah was overwhelmed with fear. After all, selling firearms was a serious crime, and any perpetrator could be executed without questions asked.

After the highest-ranking officer nodded, two of his subordinates came up to Hannah to take her.

“I’ve never done such a thing. I don’t know what is really happening.”

The officer coughed and explained, “This might only be some misunderstanding. But since we’ve received a police report about it, we have to take you back to the police station to cooperate with our investigation. I’m sure you’re aware that any cases related to firearms are no joking matters. Therefore, we hope that you could cooperate with us.”

The officer spoke politely because he couldn’t confirm that the case was truly related to Hannah. If it turns out to be a mistake and I treated her rudely, Fabian would…

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