Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1390

Suddenly, Hannah’s phone that was on the floor rang.

Natasha took a step forward to pick it up and answered the call. “Yes, they are in your house. Okay, I understand.”

Then, she handed the phone over to the highest-ranking officer and said, “It’s Mr. Norton.”

The officer gave it some thought and decided to answer the call. After all, he knew that he couldn’t afford to offend Fabian.

Since Fabian had a close relationship with many prominent leaders, he would lose his job once Fabian complained about him.

“Hello, I’m Connor Walker, head of the Special Actions Unit of the Baykeep Police Station.”

“I’m aware of your operation. Well, you can take her back to the police station. However, as for your attitude… I’m sure you understand what you should do. I’ll be right there to give you an explanation,” Fabian said in a deep voice.

“Okay. I understand.”

The officer then hung up the phone. He had agreed to Fabian’s request since it wasn’t unreasonable.

“Let’s go.”

Having said that, they took Hannah and Natasha back to the police station. Knowing that Fabian was informed of it, Hannah was still a little nervous but not as afraid anymore. She believed Fabian would make sure that she wasn’t wronged.

Meanwhile, Lyna was observing the situation not far from Hannah’s villa. Once Hannah was brought into the police car, she couldn’t help but chuckle and murmur to herself, “Hehe, the show begins now.”

“Ms. Young, may I ask whether the signature on this contract is yours?” a police officer asked while holding out a contract given by the whistleblower.

Upon looking at the signature, she nodded initially but later shook her head in denial.

Although it looked exactly like her signature, she had never signed on such a contract before. How could I not know that selling firearms is a crime? So why would I commit a capital offense?

Besides, Hannah was happily married to Fabian who was the president of the largest company in Chanaea. Considering all aspects, there was no reason that she had to involve herself in such a dangerous activity.

“Ms. Young, was it you who signed on this contract, or did you sign on a similar contract recently?” the officer asked again.

In fact, the officer pondered over the matter before but couldn’t understand why Hannah would sell firearms. As such, he believed that she might have been framed.

Moreover, given that the contract was in a foreign language, Hannah probably signed the contract without reading the content. Hence, someone grabbed the opportunity to set her up.

After giving it some thought, Hannah answered, “I did. This afternoon, I signed a contract during a launch event organized by Blackwood Group. That was the only document that I signed.”

“Ms. Young, in that case, did you read the contract carefully? Could it be that someone deliberately set you up?” the officer immediately asked upon hearing that.

“I don’t think so. The contract was fully in a foreign language, so I didn’t read it thoroughly. Anyway, it should be fine because many people were present when we signed the contract. Also, since I’m quite close to the person in charge, I don’t believe she would frame me,” Hannah replied truthfully.

“Ms. Young, do you think there’s a possibility…”

When the police wanted to probe further, someone opened the door to the interrogation room. The next moment, Fabian came into sight.

Hannah couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. Now that Fabian was here, she was confident that the mastermind who framed her would be revealed sooner or later.

“Don’t be afraid, Hannah. As long as I’m here, I won’t let you get hurt. Trust me. This matter is not as terrifying as you think. I’ll settle this in no time!” Fabian rushed toward Hannah to take her into his arms and comfort her.

He was heartbroken to see her so frail. At that instant, he vowed to himself to teach Lyna a lesson and put a stop to her scheme.

She was doomed the moment she involved Hannah in this mess. I will never forgive those who hurt Hannah!

While they were hugging, tears streamed down Hannah’s face. Although she was wronged, she felt touched because her husband was here to save her.

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