Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1397

Lyna leaped to her feet, walked towards Hannah, bent down to eye level with Hannah, and said, “Ok, I’ll tell you everything today. You Listen well.”

“My mother and Fabian’s mother arranged for us to be married 6 months ago. I would have been Mrs. Norton if not for you. Do you understand me?”

Lyna bellowed.

Hannah was shocked upon hearing her words. She wasn’t aware of any of it.

“Heh. I won’t keep it from you anymore at this point. I was the one behind the accident on your wedding day, Yvette just so happened to have the same idea. Unfortunately, her carelessness alerted Fabian, else you would have been dead by now. Luckily for me, her lackey was unreliable, so she took the blame for me.” Lyna reminiscenced.

“What? Y-You…”

Hannah couldn’t believe her ears. Who would have thought the woman she looked up to as her sister would try to kill her.

“I should have been the one riding in the wedding car that day if not for you.”

Hatred flashed in her eyes as she spoke. “You took everything away from me. I thought that unfortunate brother of yours is going to die for sure, but you came along. Not only did you save him, but you also inherited part of the family fortune that should have been mine.”

Hannah couldn’t help but shudder at Lyna’s true colors. Why would she even think that I am going to inherit part of her family fortune? That’s impossible.

Hannah wasn’t about to acknowledge Leo as her father. Not now, not ever. Would she even want to inherit his family fortune if he offered? Of course not. However, Lyna didn’t think so.

“Isn’t Winson your brother as well? How could you try to hurt him?”

Hannah’s mind went blank for a moment there.

She had nothing to say to the way Lyna was treating her, but Winson was her brother no matter what. Although they didn’t share the same mother, the grew up under the same roof.

“Heh? Winson? What use is he to me? He’s just around to inherit part of the family fortune that should have been mine. The only way father will pass on everything to me is if he is dead.”

“You are heartless,” Hannah said coldly.

Hannah felt like she wasn’t human anymore but a cold-blooded animal. This woman is void of compassion. She would even go so far as to kill her own brother just for the sake of the family fortune.

“Hehe, why are you so surprise? Money talks. That stupid brother of yours will understand when he grows up. I actually came up with another plan with you in it to avoid any more troubles in the future. But an insider gave me away. Or else you would have been in jail by now.”

Lyna sneered at the look of disbelief on Hannah’s face as she revealed her schemes.

Hannah came back to her senses abruptly. She finally understood why the police accused her of selling firearms. This was all part of Lyna’s schemes. Winson signed the paper as well. He’s not…

Right. Nothing happened to me since the contract has been switched. So, Winson should be fine too.

Hannah breathed a sigh of relief upon that thought.

“I must say Fabian is really something. He saved both you and Winson. I was originally planning to make him go bankrupt but fell into his scheme instead. How dare he give all my shares away to Winson?”

Lyna looked at Hannah with hatred. She lost everything because of this woman. If not for Winson’s shares, she would have destroyed Hannah’s face by now.

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