Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1399

The female bodyguard realized luck wasn’t on her side. It would be hard for them to escape if she were to alert the others.

She aimed a kick at one of the men’s calf and he immediately fell.

The rest of the three men realized she wasn’t easy to deal with as they quickly reached for their pistols.

As soon as they did that, the female bodyguard reached for the pistol belonging to the man lying on the ground. She fired a shot at one of the men and rolled to Hannah’s side.

Hannah’s arms had been freed by the female bodyguard just now. Then, she quickly untied her legs while the latter was busy taking their kidnappers down.

The shot fired by the female bodyguard hit one of the three men while the other two quickly split up.

They then fired shots at Hannah since they knew Hannah was more important than the female bodyguard. They would still have room for negotiation as long as they had Hannah.

They aimed at her leg since they were afraid of accidentally killing her.

The female bodyguard had a heightened sense of danger since she used to be an assassin. She rushed to Hannah’s side and pushed her away.

Hannah fell to the ground and almost blacked out for a moment as pain shot up her spine.

The female bodyguard wasn’t in good shape as well. She got shot in the shoulder when she pushed Hannah away and her wound burned.

However, she didn’t have time to check on her wound but quickly turned around, rolled to Hannah’s side, and fired at the other two men.

“We have to hurry. They’ll be here soon after hearing the gunshot.”

The female bodyguard said to Hannah.

Hannah’s mind went blank. She felt so overwhelmed after getting pushed to the side that she went weak in the knees and was at a loss for words.

Bang! The warehouse door burst open and in walked Lyna and another man. He was the best fighter among the five. Hence, Lyna told him to stay by her side to protect her.

“What? Wow, I didn’t expect you two to be able to take them down. But, you’re not leaving this place today!”

Lyna then signaled the man standing beside her.

Just then, two shots were fired at the door behind Lyna. She shuddered in fright when she saw the bullet holes as she almost died from the shots.

Lyna’s subordinate checked out their surroundings through the crack of the door. “Miss, we need to leave now. A dozen or so of highly skilled fighters are closing in on us.”

Lyna’s blood boiled. Am I going to just let Hannah get away this time around?

She refused to admit defeat. However, there was nothing she could do about it. The most important matter at hand would be to stay alive. She was well aware she wouldn’t get another chance again if Fabian captured her.

Lyna glared at Hannah, took the man’s pistol and fired a few shots at Hannah. “Let’s go!” she said through gritted teeth.

The female bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief after Lyna left. However, she couldn’t help but frown as she turned to look at Hannah’s condition.

Hannah looked really pale as a pool of blood dripped onto the floor.


Just then, Fabian burst in.

“Mr. Norton!”

The female bodyguard gestured to reveal her location to Fabian.

His eyes widened in shock when he saw the pool of blood at Hannah’s feet, so he bent down and took her into his arms.

Hannah smiled in relief when she saw Fabian. She knew for sure he would come.

“Don’t worry, Hannah. You’ll be fine.”

Hannah finally closed her eyes after hearing his words. She wanted to get some rest after everything that had happened. However, she missed out the tears glistening in Fabian’s eyes.

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