Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1403

“What?” Heather asked agitatedly. Miscarriage?

“Um, yes, Ms. Young had a miscarriage.”

At this, Heather staggered backward with a dazed expression on her face and tears in her eyes. My grandchild is gone just like that?

The maid accompanying her hurriedly stepped forward to support her for fear that she would pass out.

“Mrs. Norton, I’m sorry for your loss,” the deputy director comforted her, feeling a little regretful for telling her the truth.

“So tell me honestly, has Hannah become infertile?” Heather asked sorrowfully after a long silence.

With a torn expression, the deputy director gave it some thought before he nodded firmly.

Heather could not help but gasp as her heart sank.

The grief she felt over the loss of her grandchild was greater than that of Fabian as she had always wanted an heir to the Norton family.

“Take me to Hannah’s… ward,” she said, her voice breaking and her eyes tearful.

Later, the door of Hannah’s ward opened with a click, and Heather emerged. Having lost her grandchild, she looked like she had grown a few years older and even appeared to have more crow’s feet.

Hannah was still asleep, so she did not know that Heather had come.

Her swollen eyes from all the crying stood out against her pale face.

Heather noticed the frown on Hannah’s sleeping face and knew how she must be feeling deep down.

At the same time, the deputy director had brought over a chair and placed it next to Hannah’s bed. After Heather sat down, he left the ward with the maid.

“Hannah,” Heather called out in a soft voice.

After a while, she shook her head and lamented, “Poor girl…”

Unable to hold back her tears anymore, she began weeping.

“I know you’ve had a miscarriage because of Fabian.”

In fact, Heather had already thought the matter through. She knew that the culprit who caused Hannah’s miscarriage must have done it out of jealousy of Fabian’s status.


She stopped midsentence upon seeing that Hannah’s fingers twitched.

However, Hannah remained asleep, so Heather continued, “But what should I do? Tell me what I should do as Fabian’s mother.”

Heather had on a bitter expression. After Fabian’s father was arrested, he became the only man in the family. She thought that she could enjoy the rest of her life after he got married, but unexpectedly, something unfortunate happened to their family.

“Hannah, you have to know that Fabian is the only man left in our family. He’s also the one who manages Phoenix Group and made it the top company in the country. Putting aside an heir, if I really let the Norton family bloodline end with Fabian, I’d be too ashamed to face Fabian’s father and all the Nortons’ ancestors after I die.”

A strong sense of depression came over Heather. Hannah is a really great person. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s also kind-hearted. She and Fabian are quite a match made in heaven too. But now that she’s barren, as the head of the Norton family, I can’t possibly let her stay in the family.

“Hannah, I hope you won’t blame me for being cruel. You’ll understand when you’re in my position one day. I’m someone’s daughter-in-law too, so I know that this is unfair to you,” Heather went on after wiping the tears off the corners of her eyes.

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