Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1408

Unfortunately, she couldn’t fulfill his wish because she had lost the ability to conceive. Should she continue to stay by his side, he would have to live a life filled with regrets.

As she thought about it, torrents of grief streamed down her cheeks once again.

Passing by the streets, she could vividly recall her memories with Fabian.

Those sweet memories had morphed into heart-wrenching ones after she realized that she couldn’t spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

Meanwhile, as Fabian rushed all the way back to the villa, a sense of dread overcame him. Hannah, I’m coming now. Please don’t do anything reckless!

When he showed up at the entrance, Natasha rushed over and greeted, “Mr. Norton…”

She recounted the entire timeline of the incident, including the things Hannah had said because she felt that those were intended for Fabian.

Having listened to everything, he rushed into the villa immediately. He had a hard time believing that Hannah had left him. Deep down, he felt as though she was still anticipating his return to the villa.

Nonetheless, he had no choice but to accept the harsh reality because the goofy and lovely woman, who was all smiles whenever he was around, was nowhere to be seen.

As if drained of all energy, he slumped onto the ground. At that moment, he was just like any other man who had lost his most beloved woman.

I’m the reason she left. That silly woman doesn’t want me to live with the regrets of not having a complete family.

In his trance, he saw Hannah supporting herself with all her might, bidding farewell to him, “Goodbye, Fabian. It’s over.”

Hannah, you’re wrong! Not being able to have a child is nothing compared to losing you! I can’t possibly live a life without you!

At that thought, his eyes started welling up, and only then did he realize that he was capable of feeling emotions too.

When he raised his head, he was surprised to see that the coffee table in the living room had been tidied up, and his goblet was nowhere to be seen. In its place was a stack of agreements.

The moment he walked over, his eyes widened in disbelief upon realizing that it was a signed divorce agreement.

Supporting himself while perusing the agreement, he was forced to accept the fact that Hannah had left for good.

“Hannah, you’re such a foolish woman!”

The man’s voice cracked as he sobbed.

After tearing the divorce agreement into pieces, he cast them into the dustbin and muttered to himself, “I will never get a divorce! You will always be Mrs. Norton!”

He was determined to locate Hannah and tell her how he felt about her. Then they would be able to put everything behind them and spend the rest of their lives together.

Seeing the state Fabian was in, Natasha started blaming herself. Even at that point, she still couldn’t figure out the reason behind Hannah’s departure because she wasn’t even aware of her miscarriage.

In the midst of her helplessness, she received a call out of the blue.

The call took everyone in the living room by surprise when it broke the dead silence.

Reaching for her phone, she was about to hang up the call but hesitated when she saw that it was a call from the company. Fabian had merely dispatched her to the company to keep Hannah safe, so it didn’t make any sense for the senior editor to call her when she was never assigned any other tasks. Could it be…

Once the thought crossed her mind, she frowned and decided to pick up the call.

“Hello, is this Ms. Roma?”

Reluctantly, she answered the question, “Yes.”

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