Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1410

Since Lyna desperately needed cash, she couldn’t afford to offend Yvette just yet. In fact, she planned to acquire a fortune through her unreliable ally.

With that plan in mind, she had no choice but to keep her frustration to herself.

Her lips twitched as she continued, “To keep it short and simple, we need to get someone to keep an eye on Fabian. No matter what he’s going to do, I’m pretty sure he will resort to some dirty tricks. Once we get our hands on the evidence, we can force him into submission!”

Yvette nodded in return, but almost immediately, she shook her head and queried, “Are you sure there’s someone who dares to help us scheme against Fabian?”

“What kind of joke is that? Do you think he’s the president of the country? I’ll work out something one way or another soon!”

A vicious smirk loomed over her face as she was certain she could easily coerce someone to do her biddings. Nonetheless, she would have to bear some risks.

Yvette nodded in response since Lyna was her only hope to turn the tables around. Should the worse become the worst, she would flee abroad. On the other hand, if they could achieve their goals, her life would take a turn for the better.

“Any updates?” Fabian, who had reached the airport, asked his trusted aide.

He replied, “Mr. Norton, we reached the airport five minutes after the call, but Mrs. Norton was nowhere to be seen.”

As his trusted aide was aware of the affection Fabian had for Hannah, he was pretty mindful of his words for fear of offending the quick-tempered man.

Fabian furrowed his brows in silence and decided to stay there to wait for Hannah’s arrival.

If she wants to travel abroad, this is the only accessible airport! As long as she’s here, I will find her soon enough! I just need to ensure she doesn’t leave this airport.

However, contrary to his assumption, Hannah was traveling in a cab that seemed relatively miniature on a narrow track.

Occasionally, she would see Fabian’s image in her mind, pleading in a gentle manner, “Hannah, please come back to me.”

However, she shook her head and shrugged the man’s figure off her mind because she couldn’t carry out her duty as his wife anymore and no longer deserved him.

“Fabian, if only all this is nothing but an awfully long nightmare…”

If that was the case, instead of curling up in the cab, she might get to return to him and spend the rest of her life by his side.

After staring ahead for a long time, she finally felt better, breathing in the fresh air in the outskirts. She shook her head and smiled, reminding herself to stop overthinking when everything had come to an end.

When she left the hospital, she recalled her brother giving her the key to their mother’s old house.

It was left behind by their mother when she passed on. According to Winson, their mother had insisted on passing the key to her because she felt indebted to her the most.

When Winson passed the key to Hannah, he said, “She has been blaming herself for not carrying out the duty of a mother and failing to find you. Therefore, she wants you to have this as a token of apology.”

Hannah’s mind was all over the place when she received the key. Nevertheless, she decided to hold on to the keepsake for her beloved brother.

Although she was supposed to feel liberated after leaving, an inexplicable sorrow overcame her instead. At the thought of going back to the desolated house, conflicting emotions rose in her.

Staring at the sky, she whispered, “I guess everything is finally over…”

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