Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1413

Is Fabian giving up? But how is that even possible? I’m sure he holds a grudge against us after the things we have done! He will never forgive us!

Lyna was in a state of bewilderment because of Fabian’s seemingly absurd decision. She then instructed the man in black in a serious tone, “Continue keeping an eye on them and report every single detail to me!”


After the man left, Lyna shook her head as she contemplated the situation.

She knew she couldn’t afford to let her guard down because it might be another trap to lure her out

Hannah spent the next few days in the house left by her mother. When she was bored, she would talk to her late mother’s photo since she had no cell phone and television. Occasionally, she would head out for a stroll in the courtyard. Staring at the fields of green enabled her to gain a sense of serenity, especially when it was a day with great weather.

After moving into her late mother’s room, she felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity with the items in it. It was as though every one of them was embedded with her late mother’s soul, enabling her to feel her late mother’s presence in the room.

Over the past few days, Hannah had gathered her thoughts and gotten used to the simple lifestyle, which reminded her of how people lived during ancient times.

Nonetheless, she had yet to move on from her relationship with Fabian. She knew it would take a long time to get over the fond memories she had of him. Everything will fall into place sooner or later.

While Hannah had started to let go of the past, things were tough on Fabian’s end as he had not stopped searching for her.

During the first two days after Hannah’s disappearance, Fabian went into stealth mode. He disregarded everything, including company matters, and refused to answer his mother’s calls. As he refused to waste his time sleeping, he would take a short nap in the car whenever he couldn’t take it anymore. More often than not, he would be roused from his sleep by nightmares.

Eventually, he fell into despair and started drinking to numb himself from the pain he felt in the hope of getting momentary salvation and relief.

He blamed himself for Hannah’s miscarriage and disappearance. If I had taken Lyna and Yvette into custody sooner, Hannah wouldn’t have ended up like this.

On top of that, he knew that Hannah had fallen victim to Lyna and Yvette because of him.

Right then, he was in a pub with a dozen of shots on the bar. After gulping everything down, he could barely walk properly. He then started ridiculing himself, “You’re such a wimp, Fabian! No! You’re worse than a wimp because you can’t even keep your woman safe! What makes you think you’re able to lead the rest of the staff?”

“You’re a wimp, a jerk…”

He swiped everything off the bar and yelled hysterically to vent his suppressed emotions.

Suddenly, a man showed up at the entrance and announced in a courteous manner, “Mr. Norton, Yvette is here for an audience with you.”

When he heard the man, he turned around and enunciated his reply, “Send her my way immediately!”

Once he dismissed the man, he started drinking again.

It was a day with great weather, which was a stark contrast to Fabian’s mood. Yvette showed up at the entrance of the bar in a white tulle dress that complimented her busty figure.

Yvette was the perfect example of a self-centered and imbecile fool who thought she was the center of everyone’s attention.

Just because Fabian had not taken any action against them, she thought he had given up on Hannah and that it was her chance to return to him.

Whenever she recalled the days she spent in fear, Yvette would get upset. Her career was brought to an abrupt halt when she was merely a step from being the best in showbiz. Thus, she had no intention to give up just yet.

Perhaps because Yvette’s social circle had relatively less drama or because she was overly naïve, she actually thought that Fabian had given up on getting his revenge.

Little did she know that he only temporarily let them off the hook because he was occupied with finding Hannah.

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