Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1415

It had been many days. Even so, he could not find Hannah, and the yearning in him grew to the point he could not sleep. When he shut his eyes, the image of Hannah would appear in the darkness and break his heart.

“Hannah, where did you go? I can’t find you. How am I supposed to live the rest of my life without you?” he mumbled as he lay on his arm.

“Are you going to fall into a slump without Hannah? What happened to the past you? Did he die?”

Right as Fabian was drowning himself in his own melancholy, a sharp voice exploded right by his ears.

Reluctantly raising his head, Fabian shot a glare at the owner of the voice. Who’s so stupid to interrupt me at this time?

“How can you be like this, Fabian? If Hannah finds out about this, she’ll never come back,” the person drawled.

It was Jason. He was standing a distance away, staring at the drunk Hannah. His hands were clenched as if he was ready to punch Fabian anytime.

“Ha. She won’t come back. She’ll never come back.”

A self-deprecating laugh escaped Fabian before he returned to his sprawl.

Anger surged in Jason’s heart when he saw Fabian’s state. What happened to the ruthless, witty Fabian? Is he going to stay like this forever?

Striding toward him, Jason then held Fabian’s head up and gazed at him solemnly. “Fabian, think. Where can Hannah go?”

Fabian shook his head and shoved the other man aside. How can I possibly know where Hannah has gone to? If I do, why would I still be here, drinking?

“Think about it. I’ve mulled over it. When Hannah left, she didn’t take any of her mother’s money, and none of the cards in your house are missing. Thus, Hannah only has several thousand in cash,” Jason pointed out.

“I know, but what’s the point of you telling me these? Hannah’s gone. She’s gone. Do you understand that?”

Fabian was devastated. Jason had come looking for him two days ago, trying to cheer him up.

When he thought that Jason was still trying to cheer him up, Fabian could not help but roar in response. I can’t even protect the woman I love, so what’s the point of having power or money?

“Fabian, sober up!”

Jason was worried when he realized Fabian remained in the same state as he was days ago.

“I’m sober. You can take over our company. From now on, the Phoenix Group is yours,” Fabian muttered.

Nothing mattered to him anymore; his career and company meant nothing to him now.

“Will you let me finish what I’m trying to say? Can you compose yourself?” Jason yelled as he lifted Fabian and shook him.

“You’re not a man if you continue to act this way! Hannah’s missing, but do you think you can find her if you keep this up? Will you be able to take revenge for her? Don’t you know why she left? She left because she wants a better life for you! She wants the Norton family to thrive. With how you are now, what’s the point of Hannah leaving?”

Upon hearing Jason, Fabian widened his eyes and cried out, “Revenge. Yes, revenge.”

Noticing his change, Jason sighed in relief. When he realized Fabian was coming to his senses, he continued, “Fabian, I think I know where Hannah is.”

“Where is she?” Fabian hastily asked, looking more alert than previously.

“Think about it, Fabian. Hannah only has so much money with her. She can’t do anything, but she’ll have to live somewhere, right? Where will she go?” Jason questioned.

The moment Fabian thought about how Hannah was all alone without any money with her, an invisible hand crushed his heart. Even if you’ve left, you’re still so stubborn; you won’t spend my money.

Staring at Fabian, who was deep in his thoughts, Jason continued, “Do you remember the trip we had?”

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