Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1417

“Leo, aren’t you one impressive man? How can you have an affair when Mom’s pregnant? What kind of man are you? What kind of father are you?”

Hannah was boiling with rage. This was unfair to her mother. If she were her mother, she would have left the family with the kid. No. Before I leave, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson.

My child is adorable. He has brows like mine and a face shape like Leo’s. He’ll be a smart boy when he grows up. Leo was thrilled, and he gave the boy a name—Winson.

Reading it, Hannah nodded. That entry was when Winson was born.

When Hannah continued reading, wrath exploded in her again. She gritted out, “Aren’t you one fine specimen, Leo? I’m so glad I didn’t admit that you’re my father. You’re ruthless! My mother has been with you through thick and thin. How can you do this to her?”

On the yellowing paper was, I’m not at home today. I brought Hannah out. Leo brought a woman back. It’s better if I don’t see her. After this, I’ll talk to Leo. I hope things will go back to what it was before. I want to give Hannah and Winson a happy family.

How could Hannah not be furious after reading that? Realizing that her anger was getting out of control, she tried her best to calm herself down.

It took Hannah a long time before she recomposed herself and continued reading the diary.

I had a chat with Leo, and I know what he wants. He doesn’t want that woman to leave. For my kids, I can’t leave too. I hope Leo will come back to his senses soon.

How can that woman force me to sign the divorce agreement in front of Leo? My kids are still young. I can’t possibly let them lose their father now. I ended up holding myself back. However, to my disappointment, Leo said nothing about it. It seems like there’s no love between us anymore.

When Hannah turned to the next page, she realized that the paper seemed different. It was crumpled, and it seemed like it had once been damped. There were little words on it, but tear stains covered almost the entire page.

Hannah had to lean closer to the paper to see the words on them. Hannah’s gone. I lost my Hannah, and it’s all thanks to that woman. I can’t believe she lost my kid! I’m going to look for her… I can’t let Hannah become an orphan. There’s a tag on Hannah, which has her name and my phone number. I hope some kind-hearted soul will send her back!

By now, Hannah was gritting her teeth in fury. She could see how upset and guilty her mother felt back then just by looking at the tear stains and crumpled state of the paper. Although her mother did not write much about it in her diary, Hannah knew well what the despair of losing a child felt like. Mom must have cried a lot that day.

That woman is trying to hurt my Winson now. No way am I letting her get her way.

I can’t believe Leo believed in that woman’s words. He’s forcing me to eat some kind of medicine. That’s one thing, but why won’t Leo let me take care of my own kid?

Recently, I’ve been wondering if there’s something wrong with the medicine that woman gave me. My chest tightens, and I can’t sleep at night. Is she trying to do something to me?

Winson, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Hannah frowned when she read that, but she then realized Winson must have hurt himself while doing something.

The next few entries were her mother’s recordings of Winson’s life. Whether she was taking care of Winson or her, her mother was meticulous and caring. Unable to help herself, Hannah thought, If only Mom’s still alive.

Wait. This is written a week before Mom passed away. She doesn’t seem depressed, but they told me Mom committed suicide from depression.

Now, Hannah was starting to doubt if her mother’s death had not been as simple as what she had heard.

At the start, Hannah thought her mother developed depression because of Felicia and Leo.

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