Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1419

“Sorry to bother you,” Fabian replied after a pause before he left with the others.

By the time Hannah came out, Fabian had already hailed a ride for her, as he understood that she might be unwilling to travel in his car at this present time.

“To the Baykeep city center, please.”

Hannah ignored Fabian outright. She hopped into the cab herself and straightaway issued directions for the driver.

Needless to say, Fabian followed close behind.

She could no longer contain herself and started to sob quietly in the backseat.

Why? Why must you let Fabian show up when I’ve made up my mind to leave? If you want us to be together, why have you made me barren? Are you playing tricks on me?

Hannah was bemoaning inside. She was afraid that she would not be able to let go; afraid that she would falter and return to Fabian’s side.

However, she knew if she went back to Fabian unwell, it would surely leave him with a lifetime of regrets. That was why she chose to pretend that she did not know him, so that it might make him feel better.

An indeterminate amount of time passed before the cab Hannah was in steadily slowed to a halt. She then got off without delay. This time, she was returning to find out if Felicia had poisoned her mother. As she did not have an extensive network of contacts, she needed to come back to the company to seek some help. Of course, she would require accommodations for both Natasha and herself as well, which they would also be able to provide.

She wanted to find out the truth for herself so she might be able to see Felicia face the music. She would then return alone to the family home her mother left her where she would live out the rest of her life. That was the reason why she did not bring the wedding gown along with the rest of her own clothes. It would be easier for her to move around without the baggage.

Hannah had only just stepped into the office building when she bumped into her own senior editor, Bob. The man was clearly surprised to see her. “Is that really you, Hannah? Are you coming back? I thought you’ve walked out on us for good.”

As her superior, Bob naturally knew about Hannah’s departure, but was not sure what led her to do so and what happened in the aftermath. He was nonetheless happy to see her as with the absence of his president reaper, his team would soon be propping up the company’s food chain.

“I’m back, Mr. Dijon.”

Hannah was a little embarrassed as she had indeed been a little irresponsible, disappearing without informing her superior. She was primarily concerned that Fabian might try to get to her through her boss, but fortunately, the man did not take things to heart.

“Good to have you back. Come on, let’s head up.”

Bob enthusiastically explained that Fabian called to ask about her but made no mention of anything else. He thought Hannah had been taken away by Fabian and would not be returning.

As Hannah was now the wife of a president, there was not much he could have said about it. He thought about calling to persuade her to stay on, but Hannah had gotten rid of her own phone a long time ago. As such, he likely would not be able to reach her anyway.

“We thought for a moment that you’ve quit, Ms. Young.”

“Mr. Dijon had me stand in for you these past few days, but there’s too many things that I can’t manage well. I’m just glad to have you back.”

Hannah merely nodded when her team members came up to Hannah to greet her with broad smiles. She received some updates from Bob before she returned to her own office.

The first thing she did when she closed the door was flip open her notebook to find Natasha’s number. According to Bob, Natasha had left the company shortly after she did.

Hannah gave Natasha a call as soon as she had her contact, as the latter’s departure had alot to do with her.

The phone rang for quite some time before someone picked up. On the other end was Natasha’s accented Chanaease. “Hello, who’s this?”

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