Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1427

“Come to my office.”

Fabian pondered for a moment before picking up the phone on his desk and giving his order.

Soon, Fabian’s trusted aide came as he was called. He stood before Fabian’s desk in a respectful manner, awaiting instructions.

“I want you to make an announcement to the company. Tell them that I can let everything slide and pretend as though it had never happened, but they have to understand that I have tolerated as much as I could. If this occurs again, which I hope not, they have to take into consideration the consequences and whether or not they have what it takes to bear it.”

Fabian assigned the tasks to his aide. Some time ago, Lyna managed to find evidence of corruption committed by some of the top leaders of his company. That was how she won them over. Now the whole company was in a constant state of panic, for fear that they would be Fabian’s next target.

Initially, Fabian intended to execute a remediation of the company’s internal management, but then there was Hannah’s situation to consider. How could he have the extra energy to deal with work when his mind was very much focused on Hannah? Therefore, Fabian had decided to pardon his employees and not hold them accountable.

“Yes, Mr. Norton.”

The aide nodded in response.

“Right. I also want you to take Hannah’s companions to a concealed location. And find out who lives in the house opposite hers. You should know what to do,” Fabian gave more orders as he toyed with the teacup on his desk. His patience seemed to be wearing thin.

“Alright. That’s all for now. You may go.”

After his aide left, Fabian stopped what he was doing and sat up straight. He picked up the phone and dialed another number. He called the agency specifically in charge of collecting intelligence for the five prominent families.

There were at least one of Fabian’s men working undercover in each of the five prominent families, ready to relay confidential information at any time. This time, what Fabian wanted to investigate was none other than the death of Hannah’s birth mother.

“Hi, this is Fabian.”

Fabian spoke on the phone, remaining cool and collected.

“Agent 0027 at your service. How can I help you, Mr. Norton?”

Fabian had not accessed the intelligence network for quite some time. He believed that the vast network of intelligence could surely be of great help to Hannah.

“I would like to appoint you as the leader of a special unit. I’ll need you to gather some of your best people to investigate one case for me.”

After a pause, Fabian added, “It’s about the death of my wife’s mother, and the cause behind it. I want to know everything that led up to it. You know what to do.”

Fabian felt a lot at ease after leaving it to the agents. He hung up the phone after giving his instructions.

As Fabian sat by his desk, a worried look crossed his face. The only thing on his mind at that moment was Hannah’s refusal to return to his side. As for other things, he could set them aside for now.

Hannah, at present, was unable to conceive. Because of that, he knew very well that his mother would be unwilling to allow Hannah to stay in the Norton Residence.

Fabian took some time to consider his options, and promptly stood up when he came to a decision. He would return to the main residence of the Norton family and speak to his mother. He planned to convince her to accept Hannah. And if Heather refused, Hannah would definitely not go back to the Norton Residence because she knew she was not welcomed there.

“Hey, drive slower,” Xavier mentioned to his assistant, who was driving the luxurious sports car.

“Pardon, sir?”

The assistant was agog. What’s the president up to? Has he spotted a girl he fancies? Wait, that’s not right. Mr. Jackson likes Hannah, doesn’t he? Ever since he started wooing her, he hasn’t laid eyes on any other woman.

The assistant slowed down the car as he was told. Curious, he looked out the window too. Through the tinted car window, he caught sight of two young women walking side by side. One of them happened to be Hannah.

There we go. I knew Mr. Jackson wouldn’t ask me to stop for no particular reason. He’s actually spotted Hannah.

“Follow them,” Xavier ordered his assistant again.

There was a pause.

Surprise fell on the assistant’s face. Follow them? Mr. Jackson, you’re joking, right? We’re in a car. We’ll be driving in the opposite direction if we follow them. I don’t mind getting a ticket from the traffic police, but this is just too dangerous, don’t you think so?

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