Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1428

The assistant gave it some thought but eventually chose to obey Xavier. There’s no other way around it. Mr. Jackson likes this girl.

For safety’s sake, Xavier’s assistant steered the car directly towards the single lane next to it. Usually, cars were banned from going up there because when that happened, more likely than not they would take up the entire space, which could lead to traffic jams.

And so, in accordance with Xavier’s command, the luxury sports car could be seen moving along the narrow lane at a snail’s pace.

At the same time, Hannah was clinging to Natasha as she looked up and down the streets searching for any diners she might like to try out. Her eyes fell on a pizza joint, and she stopped in her tracks. “Why don’t we try out that place?” she probed Natasha.

“Oh, sure. I can eat anything.”

Natasha nodded in agreement.

Hannah then dragged her into the shop.

Not giving it much thought, Xavier got down from the car and trailed behind them.

“Welcome. Table for two?” the server greeted them politely.

“Um, yes, please,” Hannah replied with a grin.

“No, make that three.”

Hannah frowned when she recognized the man’s voice coming from behind them. Of course, it had to be Xavier, who had trotted over in a haste to join them.

“If you ladies don’t mind, let’s dine together.”

Xavier looked to Hannah with a smile on his face.

At that moment, Hannah could not bear to refuse Xavier, who seemed so dashing and courteous. She nodded reluctantly.

“Okay, table for three. This way, please.”

And so the server led the three of them to a table by the window.

“Mr. Jackson… is there anything you don’t eat? Or anything in particular that you like?”

Hannah asked Xavier politely as they sat down to order their food, but she found the question to be quite intrusive after inquiring. She quickly rephrased her question as she handed him the menu. “Why don’t you order first, Mr. Jackson?”

Xavier pushed the menu away as he waved at Hannah. He said, “No worries, I’m not picky. I can eat anything.”

To be honest, Hannah was starting to feel at odds with Xavier and his impeccable manners. She might not like the fact that Xavier was obviously pursuing her, but she would never slap the smiler. She was beginning to feel weary.

“Okay then, I’ll order for us,” Hannah concluded.

She then ordered some food based on her own preferences, most of which were spicy, and did not order anything for Xavier. She had her intentions, and it was not that she wanted to embarrass him in public. She merely wanted Xavier to get it into his head that she had no interest in him, and it would do both of them some good if he could just stop pursuing her.

“Alright, I’ll have these.”

Hannah finished the order and handed the menu back to the server.

With Xavier around, the two ladies could not engage in conversation, and the atmosphere at the table turned awkward.

Eventually, Xavier broke the silence. “Ms. Young, how have you been recently?”

How have I been? Hannah considered everything that had recently occurred in her life. I’m separated from the one I love. As a woman, I’ve just found out I’m infertile. My mother committed suicide under the influence of drugs… Wait, wait. Hang on a moment. What is this, a series of unfortunate events?

The weight of her burdens made it difficult for her to breathe.

But would she tell Xavier all that? Of course not. Faced with Xavier’s questions, Hannah gave a wry smile and simply replied, “I’m doing fine. Not too happy, but not too bad either.”

Xavier nodded at her reply. He knew deep down that Hannah was quite discouraged at the moment and spared little thought for himself. But would he give up just because of that? Clearly not!

“Ms. Young, as your friend, I want you to know that you’re always welcome to talk to me about your problems anytime you wish.”

“I thank you for the kind offer, Mr. Jackson. I’ll definitely drop by for a visit when I see fit.”

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