Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1431

“What do you want? Do you intend to bring Hannah back here? I’m telling you right now: that’s impossible!” Heather exclaimed emotionally.

Hannah was a good woman through and through, but the problem was that she could not conceive. That issue was like a landmine buried deep within her.

I’m the elder of the Norton family. How can I possibly allow the bloodline of the noble Norton family to end like this?

“Mom, can you please calm down and let me finish? Do you see yourself right now? What do you look like? A wealthy landlady in the feudal era? Or the dictatorial Empress Dowager of the Qing Dynasty?”

Fabian found it quite unacceptable. Mom, how can you expect me to give up the love of my life for the sake of carrying on the family lineage? Don’t you think that’s too much to ask for? Yes, Hannah cannot conceive. But we can still adopt, can’t we? Are you saying that all those people out there with fertility problems should die alone?

“Hmph! Just like I thought. Children grow up and think they know everything. How dare you talk to me like that? I’m your mother! I’m telling you now, so what if I’m the dictator in this family? What are you going to do about that? Do you plan to abandon your mother in favor of a simple woman?”

Heather lectured him, giving in to her emotions again. She could tolerate anything, but this was the one thing that she could not accept. Why? This was a family problem. It was not merely her or Fabian’s personal matter. She could not bring herself to joke about it.

“Mom, don’t you think you’re being unfair to Hannah? Think about it, why are people out there constantly conspiring against Hannah, framing her, and at one point even have her kidnapped? She was just a journalist from a media company. How could she have attracted such a high volume of resentment?”

Fabian remained patient as he explained his perspective to his agitated mother, as he always did. He hoped he could change his mother’s traditional mindset.

“Of course I know that you’re the cause of Hannah’s sufferings, but what can we do about that? “Hannah cannot conceive. So what do you expect from me? “What am I supposed to tell your father? “What do you expect me to tell the ancestors of the Norton family after I pass on?

“Now’s not the time for you to be stubborn, Fabian. I’m telling you, I won’t allow that woman to enter this house no matter what! If you insist on marrying her, then… over my dead body!” Heather exclaimed viciously as she put her foot down.

Fabian understood where his mother was coming from, but he had to consider Hannah’s situation. What happens to her then? Am I supposed to leave her suffering in silence? My darling has suffered the greatest pain to ever befall a woman. All because of me. Now she can’t conceive. How can I give up on her like that? What does that make me?

“Mom, have you ever considered this? “Hannah and I really love each other. She is a kind and gentle girl. When we were dating, and I happened to buy her new clothes, she took care to remember the price of the item. After she received her salary, she would pay back the entire sum, down to the smallest unit. “Now, just because she cannot provide an heir, I have to let her go?

“What do you think I am? “A cold-blooded animal? “Even if I were a rock, I should have warmed up after being with her for such a long time, right?”

Fabian knew that his mother was a big softie on the inside despite her sharp tongue, so he appealed to her emotions on purpose.

Heather suddenly felt a hint of bitterness. Yes, Hannah’s a nice girl. Fabian is really fortunate to have met a girl like her. But…

Heather was still unable to shake off the metaphorical shackles of the mundane world. She was confused and conflicted. Fabian’s attempt at persuasion was not entirely wasted on her.

Fabian watched as his mother sank into silence, looking to be deep in thought. It dawned on him that she was wavering, so he took the opportunity to convince her even more.

“Mom, please think carefully about what I said. You of all people should know what it feels like to live under such a corrupted ideology. How can you not understand that such ideas will only lead to the incarceration of society?”

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