Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1436

Fabian shrugged his shoulders, ignoring Xavier’s insults. With a disdainful look, he smiled at the latter. “Well, I was distressed and upset a few days ago, so I was drowning my sorrows instead of indulging in fine wine. Luckily, things changed, and I overcame it.”

He then approached Xavier and added, “Now that you mention it, I want to thank someone whom you know.”

With a sardonic smile on his face, he continued, “That’s my wife, Hannah Young. I wouldn’t be able to meet you today if it hadn’t been for her!”

In fact, Fabian said that deliberately. Ha, how ridiculous! He thought he could surpass me!

Immediately, Xavier’s expression darkened when Fabian asserted his identity as Hannah’s husband. Still, he responded with a haughty smile, “Haha! It’s good to know that!”

Meanwhile, their assistants were competing spectacularly with each other, as if the winning party would be handsomely rewarded.

“Well, let me tell you. Phoenix Group is the largest enterprise in Chanaea. Mr. Norton will definitely stand by his promise, so please give my words some careful consideration!” Fabian’s assistant highlighted the influence of Phoenix Group, trying to convince the resident.

Clearly, Xavier’s assistant knew Fabian’s assistant approached the resident for the same purpose. Oh well, it is undeniable that Phoenix Group is so powerful, but does it matter? No, it doesn’t! What matters most are who can acquire the house and who can persuade the resident.

“Haha! I don’t deny what he said.” Xavier’s assistant forced a smile, and his face turned stony in the blink of an eye.

He then continued, “Though Phoenix Group is the largest enterprise in Chanaea, they can’t even resolve their internal affairs, let alone fulfilling their promise to you. “Try to imagine. If you joined their fiercely competitive company, you could be defeated anytime. Well, put that aside and look at the cohesion in the workplace. Would you stay in a company that is rife with office politics or would you rather work in a company with diligent and highly motivated staff whom the employer cares about?

“Besides, Phoenix Group won’t permanently be the largest enterprise in Chanaea. A company that is full of contradictions won’t last long, so you should choose Jackson Group instead!”

Staying close to Xavier, his assistant would definitely pay attention to the affairs of the other families. After all, the five prominent families had been collaborating and competing with each other. Therefore, it was understandable that Xavier’s assistant knew about the internal split-up in Phoenix Group.

Upon hearing those remarks, Fabian’s assistant felt a flicker of irritation. If it had not been for the fact that he had a task at hand and Fabian was around, he would have taught Xavier’s assistant a lesson.

In fact, that incident had left an emotional scar on each of the employees in Phoenix Group. They would not have betrayed the company if it were not for Lyna’s dirty tricks.

Fabian took good care of his employees’ welfare and was highly respected in Phoenix Group. That was also the reason why his assistant was annoyed with those remarks.

“Oh! By the way, if you don’t believe this, you can check out some posts! You should be able to discover the truth there. After all, the truth will come to light!” Xavier’s assistant added, gloating over the ruin of his rival.

The resident looked at them with suspicion gleaming in her eyes. Actually, when she learned about the purpose of Fabian’s assistant’s visit, she wondered why someone wanted to buy her house all of a sudden. Besides, the offer put forward by him was way too tempting.

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