Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1441

When Fabian looked downward, he gasped. “What? That’s a lot of meclofenoxate.”

Meclofenoxate was a kind of drug that could stimulate the brain. In suitable amounts, it was useful to the human body. However, in doses too large, the human brain would be overstimulated, and the individual would start hallucinating. At night, the effects would be worse.

As Fabian tapped the table, he furrowed his brows and mumbled under his breath, “Hannah’s mother should have been forced to take large doses of meclofenoxate, and that was why she committed suicide.”

At that, a murderous urge flashed past Fabian’s mind.

How ruthless is Felicia to do this.

Hannah was Fabian’s wife, and Fabian was sure that Hannah would eventually return to his side. Even if Fabian never saw Hannah’s mother, she was still his mother-in-law.

Right then, Fabian saw the same name written across the back of the drug packaging—Felicia.

A glacial look overtook his eyes, and it was as though he wanted to freeze those packaging with his gaze alone.

“Someone like you should spend the rest of your life in jail. There is no way you should ever be let off the hook,” Fabian said quietly.

Despite the soft volume of his voice, no one thought Fabian was joking. They could see from his eyes that he was fuming.

“Wait a minute, didn’t he say there’s a witness?”

With that question, Fabian took out his phone and called the intelligence agency that worked for the five prominent families.

“Hello? Where’s the person you mentioned to me?” Fabian asked right after the call went through.

“She is at Baykeep’s suburbs right now. Our men are already rushing over there.”

Naturally, the one who was on the other end of the line knew that the person Fabian was talking about was the maid who worked at Blackwood Residence then.

“Okay, tell them not to do anything rash. Send me the address, and I’ll be going there myself,” Fabian said with confidence.

This time, he was going to find out everything about how Felicia had hurt Hannah’s mother.

“Understood,” the other person replied before Fabian ended the call.

Fabian spent a while rubbing his temples before leaving the room with his jacket.

“Mr. Jackson, I’ve received news from the intelligence agency that Fabian has been investigating someone named Felicia recently,” Xavier’s assistant reported to Xavier.

At that moment, Xavier had his back facing the assistant as he sat on his chair, deep in his thoughts.

After a while, he turned around. However, before he spoke, his assistant placed a file in front of him.

Turning the pages of the file, Xavier wondered, “Why is Fabian investigating Felicia?”

His curiosity only grew after reading Felicia’s file. Felicia is Leo’s second wife? Doesn’t that make her Hannah’s stepmother? Technically, she was Hannah’s stepmother.

However, Hannah did not even want to admit Leo as her father, so she would never admit Felicia as her stepmother.

“Ask our men in the intelligence agency to find out more about Fabian’s investigation of Felicia as well as why Hannah is back at Baykeep,” Xavier instructed his assistant before dismissing him.

Then, he leaned back on his chair and stared at the ceiling.

Hannah left this time because she can’t bear children. According to my sources, Fabian’s mother went to the hospital once. She must have said something to Hannah.

With the kind of person Hannah is, she won’t come back for no reason. If she really misses Fabian, why doesn’t she go back to him then?

Hence, Xavier was sure that Hannah was not back for Fabian; there was another reason for her return.

But what are the things that can make Hannah decide to come back? That was something Xavier had yet to figure out.

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