Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1443

Left without a choice, Hannah ended up looking for her senior editor. Naturally, she revealed little to her supervisor; she only asked him to look for the current welfare and whereabouts of the maids who once worked in the Blackwood Residence.

As Hannah had once contributed much to his team, the senior editor agreed to help her without hesitation.

“Huh? Oh right. Hannah, don’t feel anxious about that first. What you need to do is to concentrate on your work. I’m currently working on it, okay?”

The senior editor was stunned, having not expected Hannah to ask him about that right after accepting the call.


Hannah thought her senior editor had found something was about to tell her. However, her guesses were wrong.

“May I know why are you looking for me?” Hannah mumbled disappointedly.

“Ahem, Hannah, I’ve asked someone to investigate what you’ve asked for. Don’t feel anxious about it. I’m sure we’ll have some results in a day or two,” the senior editor muttered apologetically when he heard her tone.

After all, he had forgotten about it despite agreeing to help her.

“Just focus on your work. You’ll be interviewing Mr. Xavier Jackson at the Jackson Group tomorrow,” Xavier instructed.

Although he was still feeling embarrassed about the previous matter, this was work, and he had to tell her about it. Furthermore, this was a request from Xavier himself.

“Okay. I understand.”

Hannah gasped before responding to him. Although she was reluctant to work on it, this was her job.

After ending the call, she sighed. Hannah knew why Xavier asked her to interview him. He had no serious matters to talk about; he simply wanted to approach her.

Yet, she still had to go even though she knew about that. At the end of the day, he was the president, and she was the leader of the team tasked with interviewing him. There was no way she could reject him when he had requested for her to do the interview personally.

Beside her, Natasha could not help but feel worried when she saw Hannah’s frown. Swiftly, she queried, “What’s wrong, Hannah? Did something happen? Is there any news about your biological mother?”

Hannah had to take in a deep breath before she could explain to Natasha. “It’s nothing. I asked the senior editor to find out some things about my birth mother, but he hasn’t found any leads on it yet. He called earlier to ask me to conduct an interview tomorrow,” Hannah explained patiently, not wanting Natasha to worry about her anymore.

After nodding, Natasha then asked, “Hannah, what time is the interview tomorrow? Who are you interviewing? What are you planning to interview? I’ll look into it and do some preparation.”

Natasha was now Hannah’s assistant, and it was normal for her to ask those questions. Her job was to organize the documents for Hannah before doing research on the interviewee; she had to come up with various questions based on the background of the person Hannah was going to interview.

Hannah knew Natasha was worried about her mental state and about her health. That was why the latter wanted to prepare the materials for her. However, Hannah still hesitated.

Xavier was not looking for her to do an interview, so the materials they prepared would only go to waste. She was afraid that Natasha would worry about what Xavier would do to her.

At the same time, Hannah was afraid Natasha would assume she had no trust in her, and that was why she was not telling Natasha anything. Hannah did not want to hurt Natasha’s feeling.

After a moment of hesitation and rumination, Hannah finally revealed the truth. “Natasha, you don’t need to prepare any materials for the interview. Actually, the person I’m interviewing tomorrow is… Xavier. The president you brought me to meet the last time.”

Unsure if Natasha remembered Xavier, Hannah intentionally mentioned his identity.

“What? Him?”

Natasha was shocked. Hannah had yet to meet her boss after her return, but before she could think much about that matter, this rascal had taken the initiative to approach her.

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