Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1445

Hannah let out a sigh. What am I going to do now? Who could I possibly go to for help? Fabian? No way! I’ve decided to cut ties with him completely, and going to him for help will only result in things getting messy between us! It’ll hurt a lot more if I end up falling for him again! On top of that, I heard he was depressed and heartbroken after I left, so going back only to leave him a second time would just hurt him a lot more!

Would it have been better for him if I stayed instead? Nah, that’s impossible! I mean, Fabian is the freaking president of Phoenix Group as well as the sole heir and backbone of the Norton family! I can’t even imagine the amount of pressure he’d face if I were to stay with him! Besides, there’s no way someone with that much wealth wouldn’t want an heir of his own, but I can’t bear any children…

At that moment, an idea popped up in Hannah’s head. What if I go to Xavier for help, then? He likes me a lot, so he’ll definitely agree to lend me a hand, but… wouldn’t this count as using him because of his feelings for me? No, this won’t do… He’ll definitely want me to repay his favor by marrying him or something! My heart only has room for Fabian, so I couldn’t possibly be with Xavier!

Having dismissed that idea, Hannah began crossing out her options one by one, only to smile wryly when she realized she didn’t have anyone who could help her at all.

“Don’t worry, you still have yourself to rely on! Everything will be fine! You can do this, Hannah!” she told herself after letting out another helpless sigh.

I’ll keep pushing forward bravely, no matter what lies ahead of me! I’m sure everything will be fine as long as I have faith in myself! I must get to the bottom of my mom’s death before I return to that house she left me, or I won’t be able to live the rest of my life in peace! I have to get this done while I’m still young and capable of going at it without rest, especially while people still know who I am…

“All right, it’s decided!” Hannah mumbled to herself with a nod before immersing herself fully in the pile of documents in front of her.

Natasha who was seated nearby had heard everything Hannah said to herself and knew she had probably figured something out.

She stole a glance at Hannah who was busy with her work before pulling out her phone and sending Fabian a text: How are things on your end, Mr. Norton? Mrs. Norton hasn’t been able to find anything on her end, and she seems to be a little out of it right now.

Fearing that Fabian would call her immediately after receiving her text, Natasha sent him another one: I’m working with Mrs. Norton in her office right now, so I can’t talk to you on the phone.

She then stole another glance at Hannah to make sure she wasn’t looking before hitting the send button.

Natasha even made sure to delete her messages and put her phone on silent before breathing a sigh of relief.

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