Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1448

His assistant shook his head as he replied, “Please allow me to finish my explanation, Mr. Jackson. It appears that Felicia may have drugged Hannah’s mother and ultimately caused her depression. Of course, this is just a suspicion Hannah has at the moment as she has yet to obtain any sort of evidence, and neither have we. I’m not too sure about Fabian, though.

The five prominent families have their own trusted aides when it comes to such information, and they will never betray the families they work for. Regardless, given how our resources are on par with his, I doubt Fabian has found anything either.

I’ve put some men in charge of investigating the death of Hannah’s mother as well as keeping an eye on Fabian. That way, we’ll be the first to know his every move.” Fabian is bound to make a move the moment he discovers something, so we can just monitor him to stay ahead!

“You idiot! All you have to do was have them investigate her mother’s death! Putting aside the possibility of us even finding anything useful out of monitoring Fabian, we both promised to compete for Hannah fairly and squarely! Are you trying to get me labeled as a coward who goes back on my word?”

Xavier was furious. This is unbelievable! My own assistant has sent someone to tail Fabian when we’ve promised to compete fairly! As the heir to one of the five prominent families, there’s no way I could tolerate something this dishonorable! I will either win like a champ or accept my defeat like a man!

“It isn’t that bad, Mr. Jackson. You see…” His assistant was about to try and justify his actions but kept his mouth shut when he saw the terrifying look in Xavier’s eyes. Oh dear, working with him never fails to surprise me… While it’s great that he trusts me unconditionally and admires my talents, we’ve gotten so close with each other that there are no boundaries when he reprimands me.

“I’ll head downstairs and take care of things according to your instructions,” the assistant said.

“Okay. Remember, even if we lose, we will do so honorably. I don’t want you trying any dirtier tricks like these ever again. Do you hear me? They may be acceptable to use on some of our enemies, but it is just downright humiliating if we’re going against someone like Fabian!” Xavier said with a satisfied nod. Good thing I found out about this before Fabian does, or I wouldn’t be able to explain my way out of it! Even if I wasn’t the one who gave the order, they are still my men, so he’d hold it against me for sure!

“Yes, Mr. Jackson!” the assistant said respectfully.

“Good. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?” Xavier asked.

“As a matter of fact, I do. I’ve purchased the units above and the two units beneath Hannah’s apartment as per your instructions. When would you like to move in, Mr. Jackson?” the assistant replied with a smile.

The main reason Xavier had kept him around up till then was not only because they were classmates for many years, but also because he was extremely reliable and trustworthy to get the job done well.

A great example of that would be how he had all the newly purchased units fully furnished as he knew how serious Xavier was about Hannah.

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