Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1450

I wonder if Mom and Dad would still be so excited once they find out that Hannah is infertile… Xavier thought to himself as he stared at them in silence.

“Well? Say something, son! The suspense is killing me here!” his mom pressed him for an answer, seemingly a lot more anxious about it than he was.

“Calm down, Mom. I came back specifically to discuss this with you, so hear me out,” Xavier said calmly.

“What else is there to discuss? Just let us know who she is and what she does for a living! If it’s a proper job, we can proceed to prepare the wedding gifts and make the necessary arrangements!” his mom exclaimed impatiently. My goodness, what on earth is he thinking? Just get the wedding done and bring her home first! Everything else can wait!

Xavier flashed them an awkward smile when he saw his father nodding in agreement as well.

Just like that, the two of them continued to stare anxiously at him while he hesitated as to whether he should tell them about Hannah’s condition.

They had introduced Xavier to countless women over the years, but he found none of them to his liking. As a result, the way he brought up the topic on his own accord only to keep them hanging in suspense was driving them insane.

“Xavier, her appearances and family background aren’t that important. What matters most is whether or not she’s willing to spend the rest of her life with you,” his father spoke up eventually, breaking the awkward silence.

“Exactly! Nothing else matters as long as she treats you well! All that we ask is for the two of you to be happy together and get us healthy grandchildren!” his mother chimed in, and the two went back and forth while Xavier sat there wondering how he would tell them the truth.

How do I tell them?

“What does she do for a living, Xavier?” his mother was dying to have a look at her future daughter-in-law.

That snapped Xavier out of his train of thoughts, and he seized that opportunity to explain himself, “Hmm? Oh, she’s a journalist. She’s really kind, strong, and independent. It’s just that…”

“It’s just what? Out with it, damn it! Don’t keep us hanging like this! Are you trying to give your mom and I a heart attack or what?” his father shouted impatiently and slammed his hand on the coffee table.

His mother nudged him gently with her elbow and motioned at him to calm down before smiling at Xavier as she said, “Just ignore him and carry on.”

“She is infertile.”

The living room fell silent once again after he said that, and the excited smiles on their faces vanished as well. Xavier saw them frowning at him in silence and realized he would have a much harder time winning Hannah over until he resolved the issue with his parents.

Fabian may be separated with her right now, but he hasn’t let go of her completely. However, if I get the green light from my parents, I’ll have much less resistance to deal with in my pursuit for Hannah, which would make things a lot easier for me as a whole.

“I like her very much. So what if she’s infertile? We could just adopt a child if we have to! Given how advanced technology is these days, we can even opt for an IVF which would save us a lot of trouble…”

“But that’s child isn’t your own… What if something goes wrong, and your child ends up with disabilities or something?” his mother whispered worriedly.

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