Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1452

“Sure, thanks,” Hannah said as she took the phone over from Natasha, only to gasp in shock when she read the person’s information.

This guy is the general manager of a company owned by one of the five prominent families? Holy sh*t… He’s definitely no ordinary guy! If someone with his resources is willing to help me out, it would definitely make things a lot easier!

Natasha grinned when she saw the hopeful smile on Hannah’s face. “I’ve asked him out for dinner, so you can fill him in on the details and have him look into it as soon as possible. Who knows, we might even have our answers ready by tomorrow morning!”

“Thank you, Natasha!” Hannah had tears of joy in her eyes as she nodded and held her hands tightly. Oh, my god! I didn’t think Natasha would turn out to be the most helpful person in such a trying time! She must really care about me!

Natasha played along and gave her hands a gentle squeeze. “What are friends for, right?”

Just like that, Natasha led her to the café that they had agreed to meet up at. After getting Hannah seated, Natasha went outside to wait for the man. She had to be the first to meet him and could brief him on the situation so he wouldn’t let it slip that Fabian had gone to him for help. There’s no way Hannah would accept his help if she finds out that Fabian was the one who arranged for this meeting!

Hannah was seated by the window and pursed her lips as she anxiously glanced at her watch and her surroundings.

I’m so glad Natasha was able to find me someone who could help out with my investigation! I’ve been feeling really guilty because I wasn’t able to find any clues regarding Mom’s death after so long. She raised me ever since I was a kid, and yet I couldn’t even find out how she really died… Had it not been for Natasha’s help, I wouldn’t have known what to do… God knows what I might even do if that were the case…


She stopped stirring her coffee when she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

Hannah looked in the direction of the voice and saw Natasha waving at her while a man in a black face mask followed behind her.

She then waved back at them and ordered two cups of cappuccino for them while Natasha proudly led the man to their table.

The waiter brought the cappuccino over right as Natasha sat down beside her. After thanking the waiter, Natasha took a huge gulp of it, only to tear up as her tongue burned from how hot it was.

“Ah! It’s so hot!” she exclaimed while fanning her tongue with her hands, sending Hannah into a fit of laughter.

“By the way, allow me to introduce you two. Hannah, this is a friend of my brother. He’s really amazing! I thought I’d try my luck and asked my brother for help with your investigation, and guess what? I got lucky, and he ended up actually finding something!” Natasha said after taking a moment to cool her tongue off.

Naturally, Hannah got excited when she heard that they were making progress and thanked the man profusely, “Thank you so much, mister! You’ve been a great help!”

“You’re a friend of Natasha. It’s the least I can do,” the man replied calmly without even touching his steaming hot cup of cappuccino.

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