Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1454

Fabian’s frown deepened. Another group of men? Who could they be? What’s the meaning of this?

“Also… according to the information we’ve received from the five prominent families, there is someone else from the five prominent families investigating Felicia. However, it remains unclear who that person is.”

Fabian put the two pieces of information together, and one person’s name came to mind immediately.

Xavier! He’s the only one in the five prominent families who would have any sort of connection with Hannah! But, how did he know about Felicia? Did Hannah tell him? No, that’s impossible… I know Hannah, and there’s no way she’d go to him for help, no matter how hard things get! Well, I don’t care how he found out as long as it wasn’t through Hannah. I’m confident that she will never fall in love with Xavier, not because he’s inferior or anything, but because I know the place I hold in her heart. Xavier must’ve sent someone over to spy on Lyna to help her find out about her mom’s death and win her over that way. While she is undoubtedly my woman, I can’t just sit by and let another man get involved in her business! I mean, what would that make me, right?

The look in Fabian’s eyes grew cold as he instructed his trusted aide, “If he wants to stick his nose into my business, he’ll have to pay the price. Bring some men with you and get rid of those guys.”

The trusted aide was hesitant as he knew it would affect the relationship between the five prominent families and tried to talk Fabian out of it, “Mr. Norton, those guys are from the five prominent families, so maybe we should…”

He stopped himself when he saw the terrifying gaze in Fabian’s eyes and shuddered a little as he nodded. “I-I mean… Right away, Mr. Norton…”

“Good, you can go now,” Fabian replied coldly.

He waited for that man to leave before pulling out his phone and calling the trusted aide he assigned to investigate the death of Hannah’s mother, “How is it going? Did you find anything?”

“We aren’t making much progress, but we have confirmed the location of the person who used to work as a servant in the Blackwood family. We’re heading over right now.”

“Okay, send me the location. I’m going there too,” Fabian said after giving it some thought. Since this is about Hannah, I should put in a little more effort…

“Mr. Jackson, we’ve confirmed that Yvette hasn’t left the country, and that she and Lyna were the ones behind what happened to Ms. Young,” Xavier’s assistant reported.

The look on Xavier’s face turned gloomy upon hearing that. I can’t believe those two would do such a heinous thing to her… It hurts me so much to see the state that Hannah is in because of her infertility…

“Find Yvette, and make sure to keep a close eye on Lyna so she doesn’t find out and make a run for it! On top of that, continue digging for all the evidence of her crimes! I want to bring these two to justice and avenge Hannah!” Xavier ordered coldly.

At that moment, his assistant got a call on his phone and decided to answer it when he saw that it was from the people in charge of spying on Lyna. Better take this call just to make sure everything is okay…

“Hello, what is it? What? Okay, got it…”

He had an uncomfortable look on his face as he knew Xavier was going to lose his temper again.

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