Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1457

“Let go of me, Mr. Jackson! It’s impossible for us to be together!”

Hannah tried to break free of his grip, but Xavier was simply too strong for her.

“Why? I know Fabian has let you down, but you can’t just shut everyone else out because of him! I won’t…”

Hannah cut him off angrily before he could finish, “This has nothing to do with Fabian! I told you that it’s impossible between us! Now, let go of me!”

“But why? Give me a reason, and I’ll give up on you if I find it acceptable!” Xavier snapped back at her.

“Because of… well…” Hannah stammered for quite a while, but she was unable to give him an answer.

“Because she has me!” Fabian shouted angrily as he pushed the door open and stormed into Xavier’s office.


Hannah felt an urge to throw herself at him when she saw him, but held herself back as she remembered she was no longer related to him.

Fabian simply shot Hannah a brief glance before shifting his gaze towards Xavier. “Oh, my… How bold of you! Is this how you have your interviews, Mr. Jackson?”

Realizing he had gotten too emotional and crossed the line, Xavier quickly let go of Hannah and apologized to her, “I’m sorry, Hannah… I lost control for a bit there…”

He then turned towards Fabian and sneered, “Heh… I believe how I have my interviews is none of your concern, Mr. Norton!”

“Hmph! Your shamelessness sure knows no bounds!” Fabian said as he stepped forward and grabbed Hannah by the wrist.

“Hey! How dare you step into my office and take my woman away from me?”

Xavier shouted angrily when he saw that Fabian about to leave with Hannah. The amount of disrespect from this guy is unbelievable!

Fabian stopped in his tracks and shot him a cold glare before asking Hannah, “Are you going to stay here, or are you coming with me?”

Go with you? But we’re not related anymore! O-Of course, I wouldn’t want to stay here either…

After a brief moment of hesitation, Hannah said decisively, “I’ll go with you.”

With that, Fabian shot Xavier a taunting smile as he led Hannah out of the office.

Xavier was livid, but there was nothing he could do about it since Hannah had made that choice on her own.

“Thank you for the rescue, Mr. Norton, but I’ll be on my way now,” Hannah said as she brushed Fabian’s hand off shortly after leaving the office.

She then turned towards Natasha and said, “Come on, Natasha. Let’s go.”

Fabian chose not to stop her as he wanted to take care of her mother’s case before he would try to win her back again. Having her return to him simply because he got her out of a sticky situation was unacceptable by his standards.

However, both Natasha and Hannah went missing after leaving the building, and that drove Fabian insane with worry.

Natasha would always report Hannah’s condition to me at this hour, and yet I haven’t heard from her at all… There’s no way a professional assassin like her would forget something this important, so they must’ve run into some sort of trouble!

Fabian was able to trace Natasha’s location using the GPS in her phone and rushed over to the airport with a group of men, only to find two mobile phones on the ground with neither of them in sight.

Consumed by panic and fear, Fabian shouted at his trusted aides, “Search the area! Turn the place upside down if you have to! You must find them both at all costs!”

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