Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1462

The next day, Joan left without leaving a single word to Larry. And from then on, there was no news of her. Heartbroken, Larry’s personality underwent a drastic change. He then went abroad to study. When he returned to the country, he inherited Norton Corporation and became the company’s president.

Initially, they thought that their lives would be like two parallel lines without ever intersecting again after breaking up, but destiny had brought them together once more.

When Joan subsequently returned to the office in a daze, she notified another staff member to contact Norton Corporation. She then tried her best to forget everything that had happened that day, but his image and the wonderful memories of the past kept playing in her mind on a loop no matter how much she tried shaking them off.

At the end of the day, I still can’t forget him. But alas, he’s no longer mine.

Meanwhile, Larry sat in the chair in his office with his hands clasped against his forehead as he thought about everything that had happened earlier.

Similarly, his emotions were a chaotic mess. After that woman left me, I once spent my days in a drunken stupor and led a licentious life. I thought I’d forgotten about her entirely, but I only realize that I merely buried her in the deepest part of my heart. Once I came into contact with her, our memories burst forth like water rushing out of a dam, rendering me unable to resent her or be angry at her anymore.

Having struggled for a long while, he picked up his phone and rang up Opulent Designs.

“Hello, this is Larry Norton here. Tell Joan Watts to come to my office tomorrow. Otherwise, don’t even dream of getting the contract from me.” After hanging up the phone, the corners of his mouth lifted a fraction. “Hmph! I’ll make your life a living hell, Joan Watts!”

“What? Larry… no, I mean, Mr. Norton asked me to go to his office to collect the contract? W-Why me?” Joan’s eyes almost popped out of the sockets when she learned of that. After confirming it with the other person multiple times, she finally accepted it as the truth.

She had no desire to face Larry, but she was left with no other choice since it was the first huge project for the company and would yield long-term benefits to the development in the future. As one of the staff, she had no reason to decline.

“I’m just going over to discuss the collaboration, so don’t think about anything else, much less mention anything irrelevant!” After convincing herself for a long time, she finally mustered up her courage to go over to Norton Corporation once more.

When she again returned to Norton Corporation, she felt as though she was standing at the gates of hell.

Well, there’s no other choice but to face it head-on! Firming her resolve, she strode in as though she was going to her death.

Knock, knock, knock.

“Come in.”

Joan’s heart jolted, but it was already too late to make an escape when she was standing right outside his door. At that thought, she pushed open the door and walked in.

“M-Mr. Norton, I’m here to collect the contract,” Joan murmured with her head hung low.

“Come closer. Are you going to collect the contract from the door?” Larry’s voice was as chilly as ever.

Upon hearing that, Joan gingerly moved forward.

“Speak!” Larry’s voice that brooked no argument rang out.

At that, Joan swallowed as his oppressive aura struck fear into her. “I’m here to collect the contract from you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to voice them out to me.”

“Hmph! Here’s the contract. I’ve included my suggestions for your proposal and the aspects that have to be further improved.” Pausing for a moment, Larry then continued, “And most importantly, everything I mentioned there is to be completed by you alone. Remember, you’re to do everything by yourself.”

Joan nodded dazedly in response. But after glancing through the contents of the contract, she questioned skeptically, “Did you mean that I’m to complete all the work here by myself?”

“Is there a problem?” Larry’s voice was threaded with an obvious hint of impatience.

“No.” How would I dare to say otherwise when the entire company’s fate is resting my shoulders alone?

“You must complete everything in a week. Any problems with that?”

“No problem.” Joan was on the verge of tears, but still, she gritted her teeth and agreed to his demand.

“You may leave now,” Larry sneered after casting her a glance.

“That’s all?” Joan was a tad surprised since she felt that he would never let her off easily. Yet, I can now leave after just a few words?

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