Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1466

“Well, well… I’ve got to teach you a lesson since you don’t know your place,” Gabriella snarled resentfully. Then, she made a phone call.

“Quincy, it’s me, Gabriella Ward. I need a favor. Don’t worry, I’ll reward you accordingly.” Shortly after, she hung up the phone with her lips curved into a contemptuous smile.

“You want to go up against me, Joan Watts? I’m afraid you’re still far from being my match!”

Joan glanced at her cell phone, only to realize that it was already past midnight. “Let’s call it a day now. I’ll work overtime again tomorrow, and I’ll be able to wrap it up,” she muttered to herself.

After mumbling that, she stretched before packing up. Then, she shouldered her handbag and left the office.

She had to go through a relatively short alley on her way back to her rented house. Nonetheless, she didn’t really pay it much heed since she was used to taking that alley.

As it was the middle of the night, the alley was devoid of any life. When a gust of wind swept past, she suddenly shivered and pulled her clothes tighter against herself even as she instinctively quickened her steps.

The moment she reached the corner of the alley, however, she was abruptly startled. Three men were standing around the corner while puffing away, and their gazes were pinned intently on her.

All of a sudden, a sense of panic seized her. Oh God, I’d better not provoke these ruffians in the dead of the night! She hastily lowered her head and quickly walked away.

As soon as she had walked past those three ruffians, she wanted to breathe a long sigh of relief.

“Why are you in such a hurry, missy?” But alas, one of the ruffians spoke in a heavy accent. “Where are you headed to?”

“Missy, you’re Joan Watts, yes?” the man who was obviously the leader of the ruffians drawled. He was none other than the person whom Gabriella phoned, Quincy.

“I-I’m not Joan Watts. You’ve got the wrong person,” Joan hurriedly denied as she glanced at Quincy, who was as thin as a stick and had a vertical scar bisecting his face. Naturally, she could tell that these people were here to target her specifically.

“Regardless, you’re still a pretty good choice to satisfy our desires first.”

“Haha, that’s right, Quincy. She must be pretty fun to fu*k since she’s so beautiful.”

Giving Joan no chance to escape, the three of them surrounded her.

Terrified by the situation that was unfolding before her, Joan could no longer think of any good method to deflect their attention.

Desperate, she started yelling at the top of her lungs, “Someone, please help me! Help!”

As she shouted relentlessly, she attempted to break out of the three men’s confined circle.

However, she failed to do so with the puny strength she had. Instead, Quincy grabbed her shoulders.

“Haha, do you think all those scenes in TV series actually work? Go on and shout. We’ll just see whether anyone will come to your rescue,” Quincy drawled with a leering smile as he caressed her face.

“This is a really great job. Not only do we get to make a few quick bucks, but we’re also getting to enjoy such a beautiful girl!”

By then, the ruffian on the left had already started tearing at Joan’s clothes.

“No! Let go of me!” Joan wailed in despair.

“Actually, this isn’t such a great job.”

A cold, hard voice split the air just when the three ruffians were just about to make their move on Joan, and it was none other than Larry, who had just rushed over.

“Who are you?”

The sudden voice startled all three of them.

“The person who’ll be putting you in the hospital!”

At the sight of Joan in tears, stark fury gripped Larry, and he sounded just like a devil who had come from hell.

“You? What a joke! Buddies, beat him up!”

Infuriated by his words, Quincy teamed up with the other ruffians to teach him a lesson since he was so impudent.

But just as Quincy’s words fell, Larry had already shot out like a cheetah and streaked over to him, grabbing his fist that was headed at his face.


After the crisp sound of bone cracking, Quincy’s agonized scream pierced through the air. His arm was already bent at a ninety-degree angle before he had even realized it.

Having snapped his arm, Larry then bent forward without a moment’s delay to dodge the knife someone swung at his back even as he kicked out his leg with the momentum. In the next instance, another crack rang out, and the ruffian collapsed to the ground, howling and hugging his leg.

In just a few seconds, two ruffians were already defeated. Upon seeing the abysmal state of affairs, the other ruffian wanted to take off, but he was then sent sprawling to the ground with a kick from Larry.

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