Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1468

“It’ll be ready to be handed over to Norton Corporation tomorrow after a bit of overtime tonight.”

Joan’s eyes were fixed on Larry. Everything that had happened last night was still vivid in her mind, and she remembered all that he had done for her.

“Submit the proposal to me the day after tomorrow. In the future, try not to work overtime anymore. It’s bad for health.”

Larry’s voice was a tad cold and stiff, but Joan could still discern the smidgen of concern in it.

A burst of warmth instantly infused her, and she replied with a smile, “Thank you.”

At the thought that the day after tomorrow would be the last time they were seeing each, a wealth of anguish weighed upon her.

It was only when she was swamped with work could she control herself from thinking about him. Whenever she had a little free time on her hands, his image and every single detail about him would flood into her mind and occupy every inch of it.

I can’t deny that I still love him deeply, but he already has a girlfriend, and she’s my best friend during college. How could I be the third party who destroys their relationship? After having concluded this business deal, I’ll leave.

In the end, she chose to run away from him.

However, no one knew whether leaving would actually be a relief or an agonizing torture.

Meanwhile, in the residence of the Ward family…

“Dad, is our family the biggest business partner of Norton Corporation?” Gabriella inquired sweetly as she massaged her father, Landon Ward.

“Yup. At present, the Ward family’s biggest business partner is indeed Norton Corporation. But as Norton Corporation is the biggest company in Marsingfill, we’re not their most important collaborator. Rather, we are the one depending on them in many aspects.”

Landon had his eyes closed as he luxuriated in his daughter’s rare show of filial piety.

“What’s wrong, Gabriella? Why did you suddenly ask about business?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. It’s just that I really like Larry, and he has feelings for me as well. Will it be beneficial to our family and mutually benefit both parties if the two families join in marriage?”

Finally, Gabriella revealed her ultimate goal—to bind herself with Larry by making use of the excuse of uniting with Norton Corporation via marriage. In that case, no matter how much Larry Norton loves Joan Watts, he can’t possibly go against his family’s wishes!

“Hmm? You mean, Larry Norton is also enamored of you?”

As Landon looked at his fair and beautiful daughter, he felt that she wasn’t lying to him.

“Yes, Dad. That day, Larry even kissed me.” Shyness was written all over Gabriella’s face.

“Haha, this is indeed a good choice since you’re both in love with each other, and joining in marriage is beneficial to us!” Landon exclaimed cheerfully. “I’ll phone Finnick in a while and feel him out.”

“Thank you, Dad! You’re the best!”

Over the moon, Gabriella planted a hard kiss on Landon’s cheek.

Shortly after, Landon made a call to Norton Residence.

“Hello, Finnick! It’s me, Landon.”

“Oh, it’s you! Why did you suddenly ring me up, old boy?”

Larry’s father, Finnick, and Landon were old friends, so they weren’t all that restrained with each other.

“Finnick, there’s a fantastic matter I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Hmm? What fantastic matter are you speaking of?” Finnick asked.

“I heard that my daughter and Larry’s relationship is really good, so I’d like to ask whether you’re interested in joining in marriage.”

Finnick was taken aback for a moment before he replied with a chuckle, “This is indeed a fantastic matter. You know what? Larry hasn’t mentioned a single word to me! But Landon, Larry’s mother and I don’t really interfere in Larry’s marriage. Why should we trouble ourselves with our children’s affairs? Just let them be.”

Hearing that, a bitter smile bloomed on Landon’s face. “You’re right. I was just eager to have even closer ties with you that I didn’t consider that. In that case, I’ll just let them be.”


At the side, Gabriella heard the conversation loud and clear. While resentment blazed within her, she herself knew that an arranged marriage was likely out of the question.

It was the day Joan was going to Norton Corporation to submit the proposal, and she had made all the preparations early in the morning.

This was her third time standing at the entrance of Norton Corporation, and each time, her emotions were vastly different.

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