Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1469

Joan hesitated for a moment before she took a deep breath and entered.

Larry’s office was open. Joan stood at the side of the door and stared at him, who was working away at his desk.

He is just as he has always been. Chiseled jawline, clear gaze, and a small frown as he worked intently…

Everything seems familiar, but…

Larry looked up when he sensed that someone was looking at him. That was when he caught Joan staring.

“You’re here,” commented Larry calmly. His voice carried a hint of excitement, but it was virtually undetectable.

“Yeah, I’m here to hand the report in,” replied Joan softly.

“Oh, okay. Just place it on the table,” replied Larry after being momentarily stunned.

Joan put the report on the table. She then stood there without saying a word. Larry remained quiet as he sat in his chair as well. The atmosphere in the room instantly turned slightly tense.

“Mr. Norton, it was a pleasure to collaborate with your company. We wish that we can collaborate again in the future,” said Joan.

She grinned. I have to let go, regardless of how unwilling I am.

She then extended her hand politely. It seemed that she wanted to feel the warmth of Larry’s hand one last time.

The ridiculously polite tone and gesture that Joan made got Larry a little speechless. After some time, he stood up and shook Joan’s hand.

“Sure. I hope we’ll get the opportunity to work together again.”

Will that really happen? thought Joan with a bitter smile on her face.

“Well, I better not take up any more of your time, Mr. Norton. Goodbye,” said Joan.

She took one last look at Larry and smiled at him before she turned around and left the office.

Larry didn’t say anything. He simply watched as she left.

Joan’s life reverted to its calm and uneventful style over the next few days. She went to work like she had always done so, but her heart simply couldn’t stop yearning for him.

Someone dropped by her workplace on a random day. He wore a casual outfit and had a baseball cap on. He was handsome, and his smile seemed especially cheery.

He walked right up to the receptionist and smiled before asking, “Hello. May I know how to get to Ms. Joan Watts’ office?”

The receptionist answered the man politely.

“Thank you,” said the guy before he left.

“What is up lately? Why do handsome dudes keep dropping by to look for Joan? How I wish someone that good-looking would come look for me too…” mumbled the receptionist.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on the door to Joan’s office.

“Come in.”

Joan looked up. Her nonchalant expression instantly turned gleeful as she did so.

“Dustin! What brought you here? Come in,” invited Joan excitedly as she stood up.

Dustin Silverman was Joan’s doctor while she was getting treatment for her illness. They spent a lot of time together as they battled her illness, and Dustin eventually fell for Joan. He found her to be a sweet, kind, but sometimes clueless woman. Joan, on the other hand, regarded him as a great friend because he took good care of her.

The reason why Dustin came all the way to Marsingfill was to court Joan and get her to be his girlfriend.

For that, he specifically put in a request to be transferred to the place where Joan was staying. He did all that just to be close to her.

“Joan, how have you been?” asked Dustin as he sat down. He had a smile on his face the entire time, and it seemed like he was delighted.

“I was transferred to the city for work. Looks like we’ll be seeing each other a lot again,” said Dustin.

The two of them exchanged some pleasantries and chatted away happily. They were old friends who were catching up, so before they knew it, they had already spent a lot of time together.

“You’re working now, so I better not disturb you. Let’s hang out again once you’re free.”

Dustin’s objective for visiting was to see how Joan was doing. He didn’t want to overstay his welcome after seeing her, so he stood up to leave.

“How about I treat you to dinner after I clock off? Let an old friend treat you for traveling all the way over to her humble city,” suggested Joan.

Dustin grinned brightly after receiving that invitation.

“Deal, but I have to warn you, I will be asking for an expensive meal,” joked Dustin.

“No problem. It’s settled, then,” replied Joan.

The two of them smiled as they looked into each other’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Larry was troubled over the past few days.

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