Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1475

“I know that there is no point in saying anything right now. Try to calm down. I’ll have my chauffeur take you home once you’re feeling better.”

Larry didn’t want Joan to refuse his help, so he added, “If you don’t want to owe me anything, then I will have my people send you the hotel bill later, and you can pay for it all.”

After saying his piece, Larry walked out of the room. He instructed the manager to take care of Joan before driving away.

Gabriella Ward, you have crossed the line this time.

When Larry left the room, he clenched his fists as a dangerous glint flashed across his eyes.

He decided then and there that some people were not worthy of forgiveness.

Joan slowly calmed down after Larry left.

She knew Larry well. He would never lie… could it be that he’s really not the one who drugged me?

But if he’s not the culprit, then how did he show up within such a short amount of time and become the one who sleeps with me? There are simply too many coincidences.

The harder Joan worked to analyze the situation, the more confused she got. In the end, she gave up.

It doesn’t matter if he was the one who drugged me. He is still the reason I am no longer a virgin, not to mention he still has a girlfriend from the same social status as he is.

Too much had happened that day, and Joan was both physically and mentally weary. She fell asleep soon after.

After parking his car in Norton Corporation, Larry made a beeline toward Gabriella’s office.

He didn’t knock on the door politely. Instead, he kicked it down.

The loud bang surprised Gabriella, who was touching up her make-up at that moment.

Annoyed, she turned around to yell at the intruder, but she became frightened when she saw that it was Larry.

Quincy didn’t tell her that he would kidnap Joan that day, and she definitely didn’t know that her vile plan had failed and been exposed. All she could do at the moment was stay calm and feign confusion. “Larry, what’s wrong? Why are you so angry?” asked Gabriella.

Larry lost control when he saw Gabriella’s pretentious expression.

Without saying another word, he stepped up and slapped her right across her face.

“Why did you slap me?” demanded Gabriella.

Larry’s merciless slap ignited Gabriella’s fury, and she had her hand on her face as she howled.

“Why? You’re asking me why even at a time like this?” shouted Larry angrily, “I’ve always thought that you were immature and will grow out of it soon. Turns out, you are a purely evil b*tch. I can’t believe you’d stoop as low as hiring others to drug her!”

Gabriella was stunned.

She didn’t expect Quincy to initiate the plan so quickly, and she certainly didn’t think that Larry would discover everything.

“Listen to me, Larry,” said Gabriella. “I am not the one behind this. It’s Quincy! He has been upset about you breaking his arm. That must be why he went after Joan again. It’s not me. I’m innocent.”

“You’re still denying it?”

Larry knew then that Gabriella was beyond help.

“Pack your things right now and get the f*ck out of Norton Corporation. The company doesn’t need a malicious creature like you!”

“No! Larry. Please, don’t chase me away.”

Gabriella was panicking. If she left Norton Corporation, she would lose her only avenue of getting close to Larry.

“I was wrong, Larry. I was blinded by my love for you and couldn’t bear anyone threatening our relationship. I promise it won’t happen again. Please give me a chance to redeem myself. Don’t chase me away,” begged Gabriella pitifully as she gripped Larry’s hand.

“You no longer have the opportunity to do so!” growled Larry. He didn’t believe her and demanded, “Leave immediately. If I ever see you near Norton Corporation again, I will make sure your entire family suffers along with you!”

With that, Larry left without ever looking back.

Tears rolled down Gabriella’s cheeks. She stared at Larry’s back as he walked away heartlessly.

She simply couldn’t understand it. Why is Larry unmoved even though I’d loved him persistently?

Joan abandoned him once. Yet, she has always had a place in his heart. Why?

No… I will not admit defeat. I won’t!

The more Larry cared about Joan, the more Gabriella hated her.

“I’m won’t ever let you off, Joan Watts. This isn’t over yet!”

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