Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1476

After the incident, Joan asked for some time off from work. She locked herself in her house and refused to leave because she needed time to overcome the trauma that Larry caused her.

Dustin, on the other hand, became a regular visitor in Joan’s place.

He didn’t know what had happened, but he could tell that Joan had gone through a terrible ordeal. This is my shot at getting her to open up and talk to me.

Dustin knew that Joan was in love with someone else, but he didn’t care. He believed that time would prove how much he loved her, and they could be together in the future.

“Joan, I came to visit. I made some soup for you. You seem weak lately and you’ll need to replenish the nutrient you lost.”

Dustin had tons of bags with him when he showed up at Joan’s place.

“Dustin, I’m happy that you’re visiting. But you don’t need to take anything over. I’ll feel bad about it,” said Joan.

She sounded a little exasperated as she accepted the gifts from Dustin.

“Here we go again. You’re treating me like a stranger once more. How many times have I told you? You don’t need to be so courteous with me. I’m really gonna be mad if you keep treating me like that,” replied Dustin.

He pretended to be angry, but his eyes carried a hint of warmth.

“Alright, alright, I got it,” said Joan.

She smiled when she saw Dustin acting like that.

She needed someone by her side at that moment, and Dustin was there every day. His gesture touched her because he had always been attentive and kind to her ever since they first got to know one another. At that point, Joan saw Dustin as a trusted friend she could confide in.

They interacted freely, and time passed them by. Before either of them knew it, Dustin had already spent a lot of time with Joan.

“Joan, I have to go back to deal with some things, and I can’t stay here any longer. It’s been nice hanging out with you,” said Dustin as he stood up.

“Thank you, Dustin. I am truly glad to have a friend like you,” replied Joan genuinely.

“Do you only see me as your friend?” asked Dustin.

He was eager to learn the answer to that question.


Dustin’s question troubled Joan. Truth be told, she noticed his feelings for her some time ago, and she could see what a good man Dustin was.

Unfortunately, she was in love with Larry at the time, so she pretended to be oblivious and refused to deal with Dustin.

But things had since changed. Larry has found his better half, so should I give Dustin a chance?

“Truth is, Joan, I came to Marsingfill for you, but I have to return to A Nation in a few days.”

Dustin noticed how Joan was at a loss for words, so he continued, “Joan, I love you, and I’d like to ask… Will you go to A nation with me?”

Joan’s mind was in a mess at the time. Larry being in Marsingfill meant that they would inevitably see each other if she stayed in the city. However, she didn’t know where else she could go.

Now that she knew Dustin flew to another country just for her, it would be a lie to say that she was not touched by that act. Still, isn’t it a little impulsive for me to move to A Nation just like that?

“I have a few more days before I have to leave. Please take the time to consider my offer,” said Dustin when he saw how hesitant Joan was. He could tell that she was swaying, so he spoke some more.

“It has been a while since you’ve recovered, Joan, and it’s time you follow up on your condition. This is a good opportunity to go to A Nation and check if everything is fine. You won’t have to be worried about it anymore once that is done.”

Joan fell deep in thoughts as she stared at him.

Back then, she received her treatment in A Nation, so she didn’t suspect the credibility of Dustin’s words.

“Let me think about it,” answered Joan. “I’ll give you an answer soon.”

Moving to another country was a huge matter, and Joan needed to talk to her parents about it.

“Okay, then I’d better leave now, Joan,” replied Dustin.

“Let me walk you out.”

Joan decided to go home and discuss the matter with her parents after she walked Dustin out.

Her parents lived in Zaprington, which is right next to Marsingfill, so it only took Joan two hours to reach their place via a cab.

“Mom, dad, I’m home!”

Joan called out to her parents as soon as she got into the house.

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