Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1487

“Hmph! I’m not letting you kiss me. What if someone sees us?”

“I’ll kiss you when we’re home then.”

“No, you’re still not allowed to!”

“I won’t stop kissing you when we’re home. In fact, I have more plans for you,” Larry remarked with a mischievous smile.

“You pervert…”

After both of them got into the car, their voices faded away.

Under Larry’s persuasion, Joan finally agreed to move into his villa. From then onwards, both of them enjoyed a wonderful time cohabiting together.

However, one man’s meat was another man’s poison. Just when Larry and Joan were immersed in their happy lives, Gabriella couldn’t stand for it.

“What did you say? Joan and Larry are living together in his villa?”

She was outraged by her subordinate’s report.

The man was a private investigator she hired just to monitor all of Larry and Joan’s movements.

“Yes. Over the last two days, Larry even brought Joan to see his parents,” the private investigator added.

upon hearing that, Gabriella smashed the glass she was holding onto the floor. She could feel a heavy burden hanging over her head to the extent of suffocating her.

“Why! What gives her the right!” Gabriella screamed out her lungs.

“Larry, how is Joan better than me in any way? Why do you treat her so well and yet be so cruel to me! I can’t accept it! I just can’t!”

After venting her frustration, Gabriella suppressed her rage and asked the private investigator, “Did Larry’s parents say anything?”

Perhaps, his parents might not approve of her.

Gabriella tried to be optimistic. After all, Joan wasn’t from a prominent family which was an important consideration for society’s elite.

“This, I have no idea.”

The private investigator could only follow them and observe their movements. As to what happened in the Norton residence, there was no way he could find out.

Although she didn’t receive a confirmation from the private investigator, she calmed herself down and began racking her brains.

How can such a prominent family like the Nortons accept a nobody like Joan into their family?

So what if she’s as pretty as a fairy? Without the backing of a prominent family, she still won’t be worthy of joining the Nortons.

With that thought in mind, Gabriella snorted.

Only I am fit to be Larry’s girlfriend and the lady of the Norton family.

Joan you are but a third wheel in our relationship.

Gabriella was so consumed by the matter that she now saw herself as the rightful Mrs. Norton.

“Joan, I won’t allow you to break apart my relationship with Larry. Just you wait!”

Her eyes glistened as schemes filled her head.

After clearing the air with Larry, Joan returned to work at Opulent Designs.

Although they were now in a relationship, her competitive nature pushed her to make her own living instead of staying at home and relying on Larry.

While she was working in the office, her phone suddenly rang.

When she saw that it was an unknown number, she ignored it due to her busy work. However, when the call kept coming in incessantly, she finally picked up the call as she was worried it might be something urgent.

“Hello,” Joan answered cordially.

“May I know if this is Joan Watts?”

A woman’s voice rang out.

Joan was stunned as she couldn’t recognize Gabriella’s voice over the phone. Furthermore, a long time had passed and the only impression Joan had of her was from the recent glimpse she caught.

“It’s me, Gabriella. Joan, have you forgotten me?” Gabriella added in a half-joking manner.

“Oh, it’s you, Gabriella.”

Joan was actually delighted to hear her voice.

“I’m at work now. Is there anything I can help you with?”

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