Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1489

“But, Larry denied that you are his girlfriend. He says that both of you were just acting in front of me,” Joan retorted as she was skeptical of Gabriella’s words.

“I’m not his girlfriend? We are already engaged and everyone in the high society knows that. It was your appearance that has thrown our happy relationship onto the rocks,” Gabriella blatantly lied in order to deal a blow to Joan.

“Larry won’t lie to me. In fact, he has brought me to see his parents.”

Joan began to waver as Gabriella didn’t look like she was lying. However, she still had reason to be confident of her own stand.

“How unscrupulous can you be? So what if you have met his parents? He brought me to see his parents too. Furthermore, both our parents had decided upon the engagement. Joan, do you think someone like you deserves Larry? The Nortons are a distinguished family while you… you are a nobody!”

Just as she spoke, Gabriella grabbed her glass of water and threw it at Joan. Thereafter, she shrieked hysterically, “You are nothing but a vixen that seduces the boyfriends of others!”

Gabriella’s screams had attracted the attention of everyone in the café. They were all watching curiously and ridiculing Joan in front of her.

“Look, everyone! This is the vixen that stole my fiancé. To think that I even treated her as my best friend! Joan, you are nothing but a mistress that destroys the relationship of others!”

Gabriella was so convincing in twisting the facts that the crowd gradually believed that she was the victim.

Within a short time, many of them sympathized with her and their criticism against Joan grew louder.

“This woman is really pretty, why does she need to be a mistress?”

“The prettier they are, the more tempting they become when seducing the fiancé of others!”

“Pfft, what a shameless woman!”

“That’s right, death to mistresses!”

Joan sat dumbfounded in her chair, drenched by the water that Gabriella had thrown on her.

At that moment, she was utterly confused. She didn’t believe what Gabriella said but reality seemed to persuade her that it was true.

“No! I’m not a mistress, I’m not! Larry and I truly love each other!” Joan yelled with an insecure tone as if she was trying to convince everyone around her, including herself.

Just as she screamed, she grabbed her bag and pushed her way through the crowd before running off miserably. She needed to calm herself down and gather her thoughts about the shocking news she had received.

Looking at Joan’s pathetic retreat, Gabriella finally felt satisfied over venting her frustration. Pointing at Joan, she declared, “Look, that vixen doesn’t dare stay and challenge me because she knows she’s in the wrong! A mistress will definitely meet a miserable end!” Gabriella ended her sentence with a gloating laugh.

When the crowd realized the altercation was over, they slowly dispersed as there was no point in staying.

Only Gabriella was left standing there, staring in the direction that Joan had run.

“Joan, just you wait, there is more to come. Challenging me will only end in your doom!”

Just as she spoke, Gabriella left with a sneer as she had something more important to attend to.

The next morning, the headline: Mysterious Mistress Breaks Apart Relationship of Ward Group’s Daughter and Norton Corporation President was splashed across the front page of all the major newspapers.

As the Norton Corporation was among the largest conglomerates in Marsingfill, the young president of Norton Corporation was naturally a character of interest for gossip and the subject of attention of many youngsters.

Meanwhile, the Ward family was also a prominent family, as they too wielded enormous influence in the city.

Therefore, the scandal about Larry and Gabriella easily spread like wildfire.

While everyone was discussing the controversy, they were extremely curious as to who this mysterious mistress named Joan Watts was.

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