Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1490

“Hey, have you heard that Larry of Norton Corporation is engaged to Gabriella of Ward Group?”

“Yes, I’m sure many single young men and women would be heartbroken to hear the news.”

“That isn’t even the juiciest part. Who do you think the mysterious mistress named Joan Watts is?”

“Gabriella is already a beauty. To be able to steal Larry away from her, Joan must be even more of a stunner.”

“Sheesh, so what if she is prettier, isn’t she nothing but a relationship destroying vixen?”

“What a pity. Why did she need to be a mistress?”

The scandal became the talk of the town while Larry, Gabriella, and Joan’s names were now the most recognizable within the city.

Meanwhile, Gabriella, who was the culprit behind the news, was drinking tea at home triumphantly while closely monitoring the latest developments.

After she left the café, she had instructed her men to share this news with all the major media outlets.

Naturally, such a juicy scandal attracted a lot of attention from the media. Thereafter, the headlines were all published.

Following that, a “good Samaritan” leaked Joan’s home address to the media.

This resulted in a huge group of reporters swarming Joan’s rented place. They had wanted to see the face of this mysterious mistress and also interview her.

After leaving pathetically last night, Joan returned to her own rented abode. As she had been staying in Larry’s villa, this was the first time she came back since then.

After giving it some thought, Joan realized that there were tons of loopholes in what Gabriella had said. But, there were some parts that were undeniable still.

She felt what Gabriella said was right. An ordinary girl like her was not worthy of Larry. Only a girl from a prominent family like Gabriella would make a good match for him due to their similar family backgrounds.

However, Joan couldn’t ignore how Larry’s parents treated her.

She could tell that they were being sincere to her. After all, they had given her the bracelet which was a family heirloom. Therefore, how is it possible that such a distinguished couple lie to me?

With that thought in mind, Joan’s fears were allayed a little. After covering herself with her blanket, she fell asleep right away.

By the time she awoke, it was already the next morning.

As it was a habit of hers to check her phone, she saw the shocking news right away.

Mysterious Mistress Breaks Apart Relationship of Ward Group’s Daughter and Norton Corporation President. When Joan saw the headline, she subconsciously tapped into the article.

The moment she finished reading it, her face turned as white as a sheet.

Gabriella actually announced it to the media?

Then… could it be that what she said was really the truth? That I destroyed their marriage and stole Larry? Otherwise, what gives her the confidence to publicly declare such a thing?

Holding that thought, Joan suddenly felt that everything was preposterous. She had naively assumed that she got together with Larry when in reality, it was all just a farce. She was but a mistress who interfered with someone else’s relationship.

Clenching her fist, she dug her fingernails into her skin in anger. However, the pain she felt in her hand was nothing compared to what she felt in her heart.

Joan felt dejected. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t escape the jaws of fate. She seemed to never be able to get her way in love.

Given how sad she was, her thoughts began to fall into a vicious cycle of negativity.

At that moment, Joan had forgotten how well Larry treated her and how his parents had handed her the bracelet.

There was only one thing in her mind, that is to leave Larry. After having betrayed Gabriella and labeled a vixen, she felt tired and didn’t want to continue the relationship.

Just then, she suddenly heard a commotion outside her house followed by someone knocking on the door.

Peeking outside, she saw a large group of people with cameras and microphones standing outside.

It was obvious to her that the reporters were there to interview her.

She decided not to open the door as she didn’t know how to deal with their questions. More importantly, she didn’t even know how to face herself.

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