Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1492

“Let go of me! Let me go!”

Joan pounded her fist on him forcefully to keep him away.

However, Larry refused to let go as he held onto her tightly.

After struggling for a while, she stopped moving when she realized it was futile. Allowing Larry to hug her, she continued sobbing in his arms.

“Joan, please believe me. I love you for who you are and I don’t care about your background. In fact, my parents feel the same way too. Have you forgotten that they told us to take care of each other?”

Holding Joan in his arms, the sound of her sobs broke his heart.

Nevertheless, Larry’s embrace managed to give Joan strength. The images of his parents advising them to stay strong together and handing her the bracelet began to emerge in her mind.

Once she began to calm down, Joan considered the matter thoroughly.

She had initially found the matter to be strange, but it was what happened later that caused her to lose her rationality.

After giving it some thought, Joan felt that she had reacted childishly.

“Do your parents really not care about my background?” Joan asked skeptically as she buried her head in his chest.

“Of course, you silly gal. Isn’t that obvious to you too?”

Larry’s voice was gentle like the breeze.

“What about Gabriella? What is your relationship with her?”

At the mention of Gabriella, Joan couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“There is nothing going on between Gabriella and me. The Nortons and the Wards have always been business partners. Therefore, when Gabriella insisted on working at Norton Corporation, I had no reason to refuse. She had tried to ask her dad, Landon, to arrange a marriage of convenience but my parents never agreed.”

He continued, “Ever since what happened last time, I kicked her out of Norton Corporation. I didn’t expect her to cook up such a drama now. This time, I’m not going to let her off!” Larry’s gaze darkened.

Gabriella, after challenging my threshold repeatedly, don’t blame me now for being merciless.

“Last time? What do you mean?”

Joan chose to believe Larry but her curiosity was piqued when she heard him mention what Gabriella did last time.

This gal is simply too naive to see Gabriella as nothing but a good friend. It’s time I break the news to her.

After pondering a moment, Larry asked, “Do you remember when you were kidnapped, brought to the outskirts, and drugged?”

Obviously, she would never forget such a traumatic experience. One of the reasons she left for A Nation was because she couldn’t put the incident behind her.

“I’ll never forget it,” Joan replied as she could feel the lingering trauma.

If it wasn’t for Larry arriving in the nick of time, I would have been…

In the event the worst happened then, she would likely have committed suicide.

“What does that have anything to do with Gabriella?” Joan inquired.

“It has everything to do with her because she was the one behind it,” Larry asserted with conviction.


Joan widened her eyes in shock, “That’s impossible! We are best friends.”

Never in her wildest dreams did Joan think that Gabriella would do such a thing to her.

“Larry, did you make a mistake? Gabriella is a good friend of mine! This isn’t something to joke about.” Joan felt that Larry had got it wrong.

“Joan, don’t judge a book by its cover. Gabriella may be nice to you on the surface but you will never know what she is thinking. If she really sees you as a good friend, how do you explain everything that has happened today?”

Larry’s voice was solemn as he hoped Joan would be able to see the truth after this incident.

“But, why is she doing all this?”

Joan was devastated upon the realization that her best friend had been scheming against her.

“Because she thinks that you have taken something that was rightfully hers. That you have stolen the position of Mrs. Norton, wife to the president of Norton Corporation. But it was never hers to begin with. It was her narcissism that convinced her otherwise, and then you coincidentally appeared,” Larry explained patiently.

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