Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1499

“Why would I be worried?” Joan’s eyes sparkled with adoration at him. “I have the utmost faith that you, my boyfriend, is not some ordinary guy that they’ll reject so easily.”

Despite her confidence in him, she still felt the need to warn him to be on his best behavior.

So she added, “But don’t be too arrogant! My mom’s not too fussy, but getting my dad’s approval won’t be an easy task.”

Larry’s confidence soared as he bragged, “Relax. It’s like you said, I’m not some ordinary guy. I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. Watts will love me.”

“Wow.” Joan rolled her eyes as she pouted, “I compliment you once, and now you’re getting big-headed.”

Larry chuckled softly at her.

When Joan first met Larry’s parents, he insisted that Joan didn’t need to show up with a visiting gift.

However, now that it was Larry’s turn to meet her parents, he prowled at every shop in the mall for gifts. Even Joan couldn’t stop him.

“Okay, that’s more than enough. You need to stop!” Joan ushered, but to no avail.

Larry’s bodyguard, Caspian, had already made two trips to pack away the gifts into the car. Yet, he currently had various bags looped around his arms as he carried tall stacks of gift boxes.

“Just a little more.” Larry was unswayed by Joan. He continued to sift through gifts while ordering, “Caspian, take these back to the car. We’ll be done soon.”

Caspian couldn’t help but slump at this. “Sir, we should stop now since this seems plentiful enough.”

“Oh? Caspian, are you incapable of transporting the gifts? or is it because you think you know better?”

Larry then shot a cold glare at Caspian, “Are you doubting my orders?”

“Never, Sir. Your word is the law.” Caspian forced a smile. You’re the boss.

Larry scoffed before his focus begrudgingly returned to the infinite display of gifts before him.

“This seems like a good amount, right?” Larry eventually mumbled.

“Yes!” Joan hurriedly linked her arm around his. “That’s more than enough. Let’s go, dear.”

Dissatisfaction lurked in Larry’s voice as he replied, “I guess this is it for now then. Caspian, make the payment with my card.”

“Right away, Sir.”

Despite carrying many bags and boxes, Caspian dashed without dropping a single item. He moved with haste, relieved that he was finally released from his shopping duties.

Larry realized just how much he had bought once all the gifts were piled into the car. It was as if brightly colored bags and boxes had exploded in the entirety of the car’s trunk.

“Caspian, you’ll have to take a cab back on your own.”

It just wouldn’t be right to bring my bodyguard along to visit my parents-in-law.

“Sure thing, Sir. I’ll be off then.” Caspian nodded politely.

He then turned and nodded with an equal amount of respect for Joan. “I’ll take my leave, Ma’am.”

Caspian definitely felt like Joan was equally, if not more formidable than Larry. Hence, it was better to tread carefully than to cross her.

Joan was stunned for a moment before bursting into hearty laughter.

“Ma’am” was definitely an interesting title that she had never expected to be called.

Larry chuckled along, feeling pleased with her new title before waving for her to get moving. “Let’s head back.”

On the drive there, Joan snuck multiple glances at Larry to see if he was nervous. To her disappointment, Larry’s face remained gravely calm.

Larry caught onto her suspicious behavior and teased, “Are you staring at me because of my dashing looks?”

“Aren’t you nervous?” Joan blurted. I was such a nervous wreck when I first met his parents, so how is he not freaking out right now?

“What is there to be nervous about? I’m simply meeting your parents,” Larry hummed complacently. “Not everyone wets themselves as you did.”

At this, Joan pouted and focused on the passing scenery outside the window.

Once she wasn’t looking, the corner of Larry’s lips twitched subtly. Silly girl, there’s no way that I’m not nervous!

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