Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1503

After everything was settled, Larry and Joan stood up and bade her parents farewell.

“Mr. and Mrs. Watts, I still have some work to attend to at my office, so I won’t stay any longer. I’ll send the details of the engagement to the two of you for your perusal soon,” said Larry respectfully.

“Okay. We’re not worried if you’re the one handling things. We won’t force you to stay anymore. Remember to visit more often,” said Mr. Watts kindly, his attitude drastically different from when he first saw Larry.

“Larry, you must take good care of Joan and not let her get hurt,” reminded Mrs. Watts.

She continued, “Also, remember to visit whenever you’re free. Although we don’t have much to host you with, we can still have a nice chat together.”

“Rest assured that I’ll remember everything that you said, Mr. and Mrs. Watts. Joan and I will definitely visit you often,” guaranteed Larry seriously. “We’ll take our leave, then.”

“Dad, Mom, go back first. We’ll take our leave now.”

Joan waved her parents farewell.

“Drive slowly!”

Mrs. Watts waved back longingly.

After both of them left, Mrs. Watts cast a glance at Mr. Watts, who was still chuckling with a silly grin on his face. She remarked unhappily, “Look at how happy you are now. You weren’t like this when Larry first came. You’re so easily influenced!”

“I’m giving the youngster a chance! Besides, Larry’s a really impressive man. You’re so delighted that you can’t stop smiling too.”

Truth be told, Mr. Watts felt a little embarrassed that he got convinced just by a few rounds of chess. It was not a glorious thing to tell everyone.

Ignoring him, Mrs. Watts rolled her eyes and walked toward the house.

Scratching his nose awkwardly, Mr. Watts followed his wife in.

While they were driving back, Joan looked at Larry and remarked light-heartedly, “I didn’t expect you to pass my parents’ trials so easily. It’s gonna be smooth sailing from here on out.”

Larry smiled. “Mrs. Watts didn’t pose a challenge at all. She’s dying to entrust her daughter to me. As for Mr. Watts…”

He deliberately paused there.

“What about my father? I keep thinking that it’s very unlikely that you managed to win his favor just by playing chess. Is there another reason for it?” Joan could not help but probe him further.

“Chess played a part. However, there was another reason. Not only did he fail to defeat me each time, but I also helped him solve a problem that stumped him.”

“I see…”

Joan understood it slightly now. Her father placed a lot of importance on chance. There were barely any who could defeat him in chess, while Larry was the only one who could triumph over him in every single round.

Joan pouted. “I can’t help but feel like I just got given away by my dad…”

Thinking that her father agreed to the marriage just because he lost at chess, Joan could not help but wonder if she was his actual child.

Although she felt gloomy, Larry was in a great mood. Now that both of their parents agreed to their relationship, it was easier to proceed with everything else.

For the following days, Larry immediately returned home to discuss with his parents about the engagement after settling his work. It was obvious how much importance he placed on this engagement.

Finally, they decided to hold it on the 25th that month.

They did not want to make it a grand event, so they merely planned to invite a few relatives and friends that were close to the Norton and Watts families.

However, news that the president of Norton Corporation was getting engaged soon spread like wildfire.

On the morning of the 25th, a large crowd of journalists waited outside the Norton family, desiring to get more information.

Unfortunately, they were barred from entering the house. After the engagement ceremony ended and the guests left, they headed back dejectedly.

During the engagement ceremony, Larry and Joan’s parents met each other for the first time. They got close rather quickly. As Mr. Watts and Finnick liked playing chess, they became good friends while Mrs. Watts and Vivian took a liking to each other too.

In front of their parents, friends, and relatives, Larry and Joan exchanged their engagement rings.

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