Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1505

Larry calmed down as he consoled himself.

“Really? You’re the best, Dear!”

Joan was so elated that she jumped up and kissed Larry’s cheek. All traces of sadness were gone by now.

When Larry saw her cunning gaze, he knew that she had tricked him, knowing that he would definitely agree.

“I can’t believe I fell for your trap…”

Larry sighed silently and let Joan drag him to the center of the plaza.

As everyone else danced to the rhythm of the music, Joan’s body swayed gently as well.

“You should dance too.”

“I won’t!”

“Come on, dear.”

“I refuse!”

Knowing that he had probably mustered up all his courage to accompany her here, she did not force him further. Instead, she started imitating the dance moves of the ladies around her.

Joan was smiling, looking like a beautiful angel. She wore a high-collared white sweater, which accentuated her long and beautiful neck. The skinny jeans revealed her perfect figure, while a sweet smile was spread across her pretty face. Larry fell into a daze as he stared at her.

As long as I could make her happy, I couldn’t be bothered about other things.

Watching Joan, who was learning the dance moves attentively, he smiled.

Even a man with such high standards like Larry fell into a daze watching Joan. So it was safe to say that the other young people at the plaza were staring at her too, attracted by her beauty.

However, when they spotted Larry standing beside her, they sighed silently.

Since she already had a boyfriend, they knew that they stood no chance.

Although most decided to give up, some foolishly courageous youths came to ask her out.

“Hello, beautiful. May I ask what your name is?” a young and shy youth walked forward and asked.

“I’m sorry, but I already have a boyfriend.”

It was obvious that Joan wanted to ignore him. She simply pointed at Larry, so the young man would get the hint and leave.

“Well, we have the freedom to love. I have the right to pursue you too,” insisted the youth stubbornly.

Then, he looked at Larry. “I want a fair competition with you.”

Larry shrugged and smiled.

A cold glint appeared in his eyes, but he immediately concealed it.

He’s just an ignorant child, so there’s no need for me to be too riled up over him.

“How old are you?”

Joan found it amusing. He’s probably not an adult yet, right?

“I’m nineteen already, so I’m an adult,” replied the youth.

He even added smugly, “Besides, I already own my own Audi A6 car. Your boyfriend probably doesn’t have a car yet, right?”

He threw a proud glance at Larry, wanting to make him feel guilty.

“Let’s go, Larry.”

Joan could not be bothered to talk to the youth anymore. After dancing for so long, she was also a little tired.

“Sure, let’s go.”

With that, he draped an arm over Joan’s shoulders and was about to leave, ignoring the youth.

“I will never give up!” the youth yelled loudly, feeling slightly humiliated.

Although this small incident happened, none of them was bothered by it. As he was just a child, it was unnecessary for them to stoop to his level.

“Harrold, help me investigate this beautiful lady and the man’s background,” instructed the youth.

He was furious as this was the first-ever setback he faced.

“Why don’t you just forget it? It’s obvious that he’s no ordinary man. Furthermore, they’re a couple. What else can you do about it?” replied the old man who was standing beside the youth exasperatedly.

He knew that his boss was not evil by nature, but the young man had a tendency of doing nasty things like this.

“I don’t care. I like that woman. Investigate them for me quickly!” The youth was reluctant to give up.

“There’s no need for that. You can’t touch that woman, nor can you provoke that man.”

At that moment, a cold voice sounded.

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