Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1506

Both men, young and old, were taken aback.

“Who are you?” the young man yelled, feeling embarrassed

Ignoring the young man, the man spoke to the elderly directly, “You’d better watch this kid so that he doesn’t offend people who are out of your league.”

After that, the man disappeared into the crowd.

Seeing as the man showed him no mercy at all, the young man was prompted to go after him and argue further but was immediately held back by the elderly. “Let’s just go home, Sir.”

The old man didn’t disregard the message conveyed by the man. Instead, he started giving careful thought to the identity of the couple they just saw.

After racking his brains for a long while, an image of a man became increasingly vivid in the old man’s mind, and his features started matching that of the man he just saw. At that moment, he was overcome by astonishment with his mouth agape.

That was the president of Norton Corporation, Larry Norton!

As a shiver crept down his spine, the old man quickly yanked the young man and walked away.

It’s time to really discipline this kid. If he spouts out anything inappropriate again, the entire family might be done for!

It turned out that the man who just warned them was none other than the leader of Larry’s bodyguards, Caspian.

As Larry’s personal bodyguard, Caspian always kept him safe by following him around closely.

Especially since Larry and Joan were taking a stroll that day, he was even more meticulous and kept a close watch on their surroundings at all times, which was how he noticed what happened just then.

“That kid must be mad.”

Caspian felt that the young man was not in his right mind. Otherwise, why would he try to steal someone else’s girlfriend?

Fortunately, Mr. Norton was in high spirits and didn’t mind what he had done, or else that kid would have been dead meat.

After resolving the hiccup, Caspian continued to follow Larry and Joan from a distance, protecting them dutifully.

Larry and Joan wandered around for a long time, and eventually, they went home when Joan got a little tired.

While Larry and Joan were leading their humdrum yet romantic life, Gabriella, on the other hand, was having a rather difficult time.

Not only was she infuriated by the news about the engagement between Larry and Joan which spread like wildfire a while ago, but Ward Group also seemed to have faced some issues as well.

Their business faced oppression from a large number of companies and enterprises, and Gabriella’s father, Landon, was so bogged down with the company’s affairs that his attitude toward her changed for the worse. He even lashed out at her that day.

Gabriella was greatly aggrieved. Why is Dad venting his anger on me?

Little did she know that the difficulties the Wards were facing at the moment were brought about by her.

Back then, to relieve his daughter’s frustrations, Landon canceled a huge collaboration with Norton Corporation on impulse. The negative impact resulting from his decision started emerging slowly after some time.

First of all, the Wards incurred a huge loss from the termination of the collaboration, and he thought he would be able to find another collaboration partner soon. After all, there used to be many enterprises competing to work with the Wards on that project, but Norton Corporation came up with much better terms, which prompted Landon to choose them as the group’s collaboration partner.

Nevertheless, when he tried to find other companies to work with, he found that there was no company willing to work with Ward Group anymore.

Currently, Ward Group was overloaded with an enormous amount of products without any wholesaling or retailing channels to sell them.

Landon was extremely distressed, but he couldn’t really figure out what went wrong.

Other shareholders of the company began to pressure him as the decision to withdraw the collaboration with Norton Corporation was made by Landon. If the problem could not be resolved, they would jointly decide to remove Landon from the chairman position of Ward Group.

Landon was particularly remorseful about his previous impulsive decision, and he happened to bump into Gabriella that day. Hence, he flat-out jumped at Gabriella when he saw her.

For that reason, Gabriella was still brooding on the sofa right then.

Out of the blue, her phone chimed, and Gabriella took a gander at it just to find that it was a notification from the group chat with her high school classmates.

It was the day of their annual gathering. In the past, Gabriella had never been present at the gathering as she felt that such occasions were too lowly for someone with a superior status like her. Therefore, she always turned them down with some made-up excuses.

However, right then, she was in such a bad mood that she felt like she could use a little distraction and attend the gathering to soothe her nerves.

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