Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1510

Joan kindly reminded him.

Most people had already left for the day, save for the security guard stationed at his post. There was virtually no one to discuss business with him.

“Is that so? I didn’t know that.”

Evidently, he did not expect everyone to have knocked off. Chuckling, he replied, “I’ll just have to visit again tomorrow. Thanks for your reminder.”

“No problem,” Joan politely responded.

The man was elegant and well-mannered, so even though Joan was not interested in him, he managed to leave a good impression on her.

After she finished her sentence, she walked out to hail a cab.

Without hesitation, the man followed after her.

“Miss, you must be a really hard worker, given that you’ve just ended your day,” the man casually flirted with her.

“It’s nothing. I’m used to it.”

Joan had no intentions of interacting with him any longer, and her response was merely out of courtesy.

“It’s getting late. How about I send you home? See it as my compensation to you for taking up your time,” the man offered to drive her home.

“There’s no need for that. I live nearby, and my boyfriend’s waiting for me to have dinner.”

She could tell that he had ulterior motives for inviting her to take his car, so she decided it was better to use Larry’s name and directly reject his advances.

“Alright then. Be careful on your way back. I’ll be on my way.”

The man flashed a grin and bade her farewell without any resistance.

Joan was pleased that he did not pester her any further and returned his smile. “You too.”

With that, Joan flagged a cab and gently nodded at him before boarding the car.

His gaze lingered on her cab for a brief moment before he sneered. “Hmm, I guess she’s pretty smart. But hey, I’m not gonna let you off so easily. You’re bound to fall into my trap!”

The sophistication he exuded previously had vanished into thin air. Instead, his expression transformed into a lecherous one. The man was none other than Carl.

As someone who was no stranger to elite education, it was no feat for Carl to feign a gentleman.

However, Joan didn’t manage to get a good look at him, which was why she failed to notice his act.

The purpose of his visit was to assess the fiancée of Norton Corporation’s president. He wanted to figure out her character, so he put up an act to get to know her.

Everything, up to the timing of his appearance, was planned out meticulously. In order to fabricate a coincidental meeting, he made sure to catch Joan getting off work so that it could pave the way for his future plans.

“Just you wait. The show has yet to begin…”

With a contemptuous smile on his face, Carl boarded his car and left.

Soon after, Joan was home.

“You’re back.”

Larry, who was patiently waiting for Joan on the sofa, turned to beam at her.


Seeing that, Joan grinned from ear to ear. Her exhaustion after a long day was relieved by Larry’s presence instantly.

“You must be dead beat. I’ve cooked up a feast. It’s your reward for working so hard.”

Putting down the notebook in his hand, Larry rose to his feet. He then walked to Joan and gazed at her lovingly.

“You can cook?”

Joan was stunned, probing doubtfully, “Why haven’t I heard of this?”

Larry mumbled affectionately, “I only learned to cook recently, and since I had time today, I decided to prepare a few dishes. That’ll help to reduce your burden too.”

“It’s no bother at all.”

Joan shook her head. “I think you have it worse than me. On a side note… is your food edible?”

She eyed him with suspicion. Clad in a formal suit, Larry didn’t look the slightest bit like someone who could cook.

“Hold on a minute… Are you trying to make me your guinea pig? What if I die from food poisoning?”

Larry’s eyes rolled at the sight of Joan pretending to be horrified.

“Wait here. I’ll go heat the food up. Even if you are the guinea pig, you’re to savor them all.” With that, he proceeded to the kitchen.

The sight of a clumsy Larry frantically running around the kitchen warmed Joan’s heart. She had never expected that the almighty president of Norton Corporation would enter the kitchen just to whip up a meal for her, and it was all because of his deep love for her.

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