Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1517

Even though her praises were subtle, Larry still felt uncomfortable hearing Joan compliment another man. Regardless, he knew it was not the time to get jealous, so he did not dwell on it. However, he repeated Cory’s name in his mind.

After a while, Joan said to Larry, “I should call Mr. Jefferson now, shouldn’t I?”

Larry nodded as he felt that the man’s checkup must be completed by now. “Yes. Call him.”

“Okay.” Joan then called the number Carl gave her.

“Hello, Ms. Joan,” came Carl’s voice from the other end of the line.

“Mr. Jefferson, how was your checkup? Are you okay?” Joan asked nervously.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry, Ms. Joan. However, the doctor said that I have a minor fracture, so I’ll have to stay in the hospital for a few days,” Carl said with an intentionally light-hearted chuckle.

“I’m glad that you’re fine.”

Joan was relieved upon hearing his words. “Mr. Jefferson, I’ll be visiting you in a bit. Which hospital are you in?”

Joan found the need to visit him since he was in a hospital now. After all, she was the reason he was injured, and it was only polite of her to do so.

“It’s okay, Ms. Joan. I’ve only suffered minor injuries. I won’t trouble you anymore. However, we won’t be able to discuss the contract for the time being.”

On the other end of the line, Carl grinned slyly while speaking in a polite tone.

Although Carl was completely unscathed, he decided to stay in the hospital for a while longer. This way, he would be able to gain Joan’s sympathy, and the two would become closer. Moreover, he could avoid spinning tales just for the supposed contract.

In his mind, Carl praised himself for his intellect.

“That won’t do. You were hurt because of me, so it’s only right that I come to visit you,” Joan insisted.

“I’m really fine. Honestly, you don’t need to visit me. I know you’re busy. Besides, we’ll be able to meet once I’ve recovered.”

The cunning man made it seem like they were actually close and that Joan wanted to meet him because she was truly cared about him and not only because he saved her.

“No. Just tell me which hospital you’re in. I’m going to visit you now,” Joan hastily declined.

“All right, then.”

Carl sighed. “I’ve texted you the address. I’m sorry for troubling you.”

“Okay. It’s only right for me to do this. Well then, Mr. Jefferson, I’ll end the call first,” Joan responded before ending the call.

The moment she ended her call, Larry inquired, ”How was it?”

“Mr. Jefferson said he has a minor fracture and has to stay in the hospital for a few days.”

Raising her head, Joan then continued, “Dear, let’s visit him at the hospital. Otherwise, I’d be guilt-ridden.”

Although she had promised Carl that she would visit, she still had to get Larry’s permission to do so. Nevertheless, she knew Larry would agree to it.

As expected, he smiled and patted her head. “Silly girl, of course we have to visit him. Why would I say no? Let’s go right away.”

Since both of them were not hungry, they decided to eat at a nearby restaurant after the hospital visit. Once they were ready, they headed to the hospital.

After asking the receptionist in the hospital for “Cory Jefferson,” Joan went straight to his ward.

Meanwhile, Larry headed in another direction. As “Cory” got injured from saving Joan, he had to pay for the man’s medical fees. Thus, he went to the payment counter instead.

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