Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1524

He ended the call as soon as he finished speaking.

Without wasting any time, he sent over all the photos taken of him and Joan, together with a document contenting pure fabrications about their relationship.

Needless to say, the media would publish any news that could get good ratings for them, regardless of the truth. The following morning, an article about the fiancée of the Norton Corporation’s president having an affair with a mysterious man became a headline.

The content went like this: Joan, the fiancée of the Norton Corporation’s president, used business reasons as an excuse to go on a date with a mysterious guy during office hours. According to a source, the mysterious man’s name was Cory, while his occupation remains unknown.

At the bottom of these lines, a few intimate photos of Joan and Cory were attached.

These photos were secretly taken at the coffee shop where Carl deliberately acted friendly with Joan. Some others were taken when Joan visited Carl at the hospital when they were chatting and laughing.

In just a few days’ time, another headline became the hottest topic in Marsingfill.

While last time it was about Larry and Joan, this time it was about Joan as well.

Since Larry had announced his engagement with Joan in front of all the reporters, Joan had become a well-known figure in Marsingfill.

The moment the news published her affair with another man, it inevitably caused an uproar among the community.

Soon, Joan became the hot topic, together with the mysterious man, Cory.

While most of the community was more interested in how Larry would react to this news, many wondered if he would call off the engagement due to this public embarrassment.

In a blink of an eye, the entire city was gossiping about this incident.

Some “caring” gossipers in Marsingfill even started on a mission to search for the mysterious man. They tried all kinds of methods to get hold of his location, but all were in vain.

At the same time, all the media were hoping this “Cory” would step up to provide a solid explanation regarding this affair.

In the meantime, Carl also sensed that it was about time to reveal his true identity to the world.

Once again, he called the media anonymously and told them that “Cory” was only a fake name, whereas Carl was the real name.

As soon as Carl’s identity was exposed, bunches of journalists found his address, and all gathered there in an approach for another headline.

At that moment, Carl had already returned home from the hospital. He had been waiting for the journalists with a well-prepared script in his mind.

Noticing numerous journalists waiting outside his house, he unhesitatingly opened his door and started responding to their questions.

“Mr. Johnson, why did you call yourself ‘Cory?’ And are you the one who reveals the affair to the press?”

“I have no choice but to use a fake name because I am afraid that the Norton Corporation will surely retaliate. And I find it preposterous even to assume that I was the one who revealed this. I love Joan very much, so why would I put her into such a situation? My hope is for her to have a happy and peaceful life.” His gaze seemed extraordinarily sincere as he said this.

Just seconds into the interview, Carl had revealed yet another shocking detail. He knew well how to manipulate the media’s mind. Thus, all the journalists were exhilarated, and they continued to shoot him questions one after another.

“Mr. Johnson, why did you say that you are afraid of their retaliation? What is the reason that the Norton Corporation wants to do so?”

Carl was satisfied with that question from one of the journalists. This was exactly where he hoped to direct the media, as his purpose was to destroy the Norton Corporation.

“Mr. Johnson, based on your response, we can sense that you are deeply in love with Ms. Watts. But she is already the fiancée of the Norton Corporation’s president, don’t you think it is inappropriate for you to talk like this?”

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