Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1526

When rumors spread like wildfire by word of mouth, those rumors would soon be recognized as the truth.

In the eyes of the masses, Norton Corporation at present was an evil force that would use its own power to harm the interests of the public in order to get what they want.

Larry had also become an unscrupulous homewrecker, as labeled by the public, who forcibly trampled on other people’s feelings!

And just like that, Joan, Larry, and the entire Norton Corporation were suddenly in the eye of the storm.

Not long after, the news traveled to Joan’s ears. When she heard about it, she was in utter disbelief.

Cory is only a fake name! The man’s real name is actually Carl!

For the longest time, Joan thought he was a nice person. He was gentlemanly and displayed impeccable manners, and when Larry reminded her to watch out for Carl, she failed to take heed.

Right then, she realized that she had been too naïve. Carl merely approached her just so that she would let her guard down around him and enable him to achieve certain goals.

In a fit of rage, Joan called Carl on the phone.

“Hey, Carl, is it? Why did you do this? When have I, Larry, and the entire Norton Corporation ever wronged you? What can you possibly gain from framing us?”

Joan, on the verge of losing her mind, shouted angrily over the phone.

“Oh, it’s you, Joan. I didn’t mean for anything like that to happen. It wasn’t my intention at all.”

Carl was still putting up a pretense.

“What do you mean it wasn’t your intention? You defamed Larry and me in front of all those journalists. You even framed the whole Norton family. And now you’re telling me it’s not your fault?”

Joan questioned him harshly. Never in her life had she met someone as brazen as him.

“Why, I’m only telling the truth, Joan. Although you fancy Larry now, you can’t deny the fact that we were once lovers, not to mention you’re currently carrying my child. Have you forgotten what happened during that night of passion?”

Carl intended to keep up the act, sticking to the story he had made up on his own. He wanted to see if he could drive Joan insane. Moreover, he was afraid that there might be other people on Joan’s end who were listening in on their conversation. So he had to be careful not to make mistakes just in case.

“Shut up!”

Joan panted heavily, infuriated by Carl’s shamelessness.

“It will not end well for you! Sooner or later, you will get your retribution!”

Joan had nothing more to say to him. She yelled her last sentences into the phone before she hung up in a rage. Then she sat down and held her head, groaning in misery.

After they received news of the scandal that morning, Larry had hurried to the company to deal with the follow-up issues arising from the matter. Joan was the only one at home.

At the moment, Larry was in the company cooking up countermeasures to deal with their predicament. Although he had expected that Carl and Gabriella would take some sort of action, he did not think that they would be so well-prepared. They even managed to weaponize public opinion to work in their favor, painting Joan, himself, and Norton Corporation as the enemies this time around.

Larry found himself in a sticky situation, but he was still able to stay grounded. When faced with such a situation, the solution was actually quite simple. As long as he could somehow get the dirt on Gabriella and Carl, all the rumors would eventually bury themselves.

The official team of Norton Corporation was dealing with the aftermath of the incident, hoping to minimize the negative publicity as much as they could.

Conversely, Larry returned home nonchalantly. Since there was nothing he could do at present with Norton Corporation’s official team sorting things out behind the scenes, all he had to do was sit back and wait for updates, from Caspian in particular.

In his opinion, the most important thing right then was to go home and accompany Joan.

He wondered if the ordeal would cause her imagination to run wild again.

Back at home, Joan was quietly wiping her tears away.

Seeing that, Larry quickly approached Joan and took her into his arms. He whispered to her, “There, there, Joan. What’s gotten you so upset?”

“Larry, I really don’t know Carl at all. He made everything up. Please, tell me you don’t believe him!”

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