Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1527

Joan gazed at Larry with teary eyes, fully expecting to see the look of affirmation on his face.

“Of course, silly girl. Why wouldn’t I believe you? Do you remember me telling you before that I think there’s something fishy about Carl? I’ve sent a team to investigate him again. Don’t worry. We’ll get to the bottom of this in no time.”

Larry stroked Joan’s long hair affectionately as he assured her in a gentle tone.

“I… I thought you wouldn’t believe me. I thought you wouldn’t want me anymore!”

Joan had indeed freaked out when she thought that Larry might choose to leave her because of public pressure. After all, people would believe what they wanted to believe, and any further explanation would be futile.

“Silly girl, even if the sky falls, I won’t give up on you,” Larry declared firmly.

“Then what do we do now? It’s all my fault. If only I had realized Carl’s wretched intentions from the start, we wouldn’t be in this mess. You wouldn’t become the talk of the town, and Norton Corporation would not be at the receiving end of public criticism.”

As she thought about their current situation, Joan could not stop blaming herself.

“Shh… don’t blame put the blame on yourself. This didn’t happen because of you. Even without this incident, those people out there would still find other ways to make us look bad. But don’t worry, I know a way around it,” Larry said as he watched Joan intently.

“Yes, I believe you can fix everything!”

Joan was no longer in a panicked mode. Since starting a life with Larry, she had become accustomed to trusting him unconditionally.

Leaning against his chest, Joan could feel the warmth of his body. That was where she could find a sense of security and peace; that was her safe haven.

Feeling the gradually even breathing of the person in his arms, Larry had his mind made up. Gabriella, I won’t allow you to continue doing this. Since you aren’t afraid of anything, then I’ll let you have a taste of what it’s like to be framed.

Caspian was really quick at gathering information, so Larry did not have to wait long before he received a call from his bodyguard.

Larry did not answer the phone at the first ring. Instead, he carried Joan, who had fallen sound asleep, to bed and put her down gently. Then he exited the bedroom, found a relatively secluded area in the house, and picked up the phone.

“Sir, we have some news.”

Caspian got straight to the point once Larry answered the call.

“Do tell. I’m listening.”

“My men managed to find evidence of Gabriella and Carl working together in secret. This was all a setup. They were the ones behind everything. We’ve obtained the voice recordings of their phone conversations. I’ll send those to you soon.”

Caspian has always spoken in a concise manner and preferred to keep his words simple. After he finished reporting, he paused and waited for Larry’s command.

“Good job, Caspian,” Larry gave his compliments.

As Larry’s most trusted man, Caspian had yet to disappoint him.

“That’s all. Send your men to keep a close eye on Gabriella and Carl. Notify me immediately when you sense any sort of activity,” Larry instructed Caspian.

“Yes, sir.”

Caspian hung up the phone when Larry had nothing more to say.

After a while, a voice recording was sent to Larry’s phone. It was of Gabriella and Carl discussing ways to sabotage Larry and Norton Corporation.

Carl had initially planned to keep the recording in case Gabriella went back on her promise to marry him. If that happened, he could use it as proof to threaten her. Somehow, Caspian managed to get his hands on the criminal evidence.

Carl thought he had been smart to save a copy of the recording, not knowing that it would eventually help Larry to put an end to this farce effortlessly.

With the evidence in his grasp, Larry was more than confident that he could resolve the problem, and he became much more composed.

Now that the crisis was on its way to resolution, he might as well take the time to relax and observe what other tricks Carl and Gabriella, the two scheming clowns, had up their sleeves.

He had even ordered Norton Corporation’s PR Department and the official team not to come forward to settle the company’s negative publicity.

With that, the entire Norton Corporation waited like a dormant beast to deal the fatal blow.

News coming from Carl was still being reported. There was talk about Norton Corporation’s inaction, having succumbed to the unbearable pressure from the public, and rumors claimed that Joan had begun to regret choosing Larry over Carl and that she intended to reconcile with the latter. Other than that, there were reports saying that Norton Corporation was barely surviving and that the corporate champion could possibly go bankrupt soon.

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