Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1534

Although Joan was very beautiful, a bizarre sense of inferiority plagued her.

She felt that she wasn’t worthy of Larry. Thus, she told herself that she would just love him from afar since he deserved better. That was her perception.

Nonetheless, fortune smiled on her, for they still made each other’s acquaintance. What was more, it was on the basketball court familiar to them both.

That day, as she was apt to do, she went to the basketball court to watch him play. She sat on the sidelines, a negligible distance from him, so they were only a few meters apart.

Girls of that age were always filled with wonderful fantasies of love. To top it off, he was the perfect Prince Charming in her eyes.

Thus, her mind wandered. If only he would look at me! Perhaps we can become friends, then maybe we’ll even become a couple as the relationship progresses!

Well, the thoughts of a girl in love were inexorably straightforward and simple.

As she stared at him, a silly smile overtook her entire face.

Just when she was engrossed in her glorious fantasy, she was abruptly jolted awake. No, accurately speaking, she was knocked awake.

The ball in the basketball court accidentally shot out of the court and hit her on the head squarely.

It so happened that the culprit was none other than him, Larry.

The sudden bolt of pain had Joan clutching her head and crouching on the ground. The pain was so strong that tears almost escaped her eyes.

“Are you okay, miss?”

Upon seeing that he had hurt someone, Larry hastily sprinted over and inquired about her condition.

Is he talking to me? Stunned, a burst of delight instantly flooded Joan.

She quickly lifted her head and smilingly replied, “I-I’m fine. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

After saying that, she actually massaged her head.

At that, he stared at her. At the sight of her smilingly telling him that it didn’t hurt despite the tears shimmering in her eyes, his heart fluttered.

It felt like he was captivated by her, but he couldn’t be entirely certain. Nevertheless, the feeling he had toward the beautiful girl in front of him was one he had never experienced.

“How about I treat you to a meal as an apology?”

After saying that, he himself was taken aback because he had never voluntarily asked a girl out.

And much to his surprise, she actually declined.

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m perfectly fine,” she declined without even thinking about it.

She craved having contact with him, but when it was poised to happen, fear had her taking a step back again.

Meanwhile, the other girls on the sidelines had already lost their minds ever since Larry trotted over in this direction, and they were all shouting fanatically.

“Wow, my idol! My idol is coming over to me!”

“Dream on! Look at yourself in the mirror! He’s heading over to me!”

“Hey, stop that nonsense! I’m the nearest to him, so he must be here for me!”

“Stop arguing! He’s here!”

When the girls on the sidelines saw Larry approaching Joan, jealousy ignited within them, and their eyes blazed scarlet.

Then, the moment they heard him asking her out for a meal, their hearts lodged into their throats.

Phew! What a relief! That fool declined the invitation!

When they heard her declining without even an ounce of hesitation, their hearts immediately settled back in their chests. Inwardly, they exclaimed happily, I’ve still got a chance!

“Handsome, she rejected you, but I don’t mind having a meal with you!”

“Yes, yes, that’s right! I don’t mind eating with you either!”

“Choose me! Choose me!”

“Buzz off! I’m the most suitable candidate!”

Once again, the girls on the sidelines exclaimed loudly.

However, Larry wasn’t the least bit affected. Pinning his gaze on Joan, he enunciated, “What if I insist?”

Joan’s heart pounded wildly even as she inwardly chastised herself for being stupid. Isn’t this exactly what you want? So, why are you so hesitant now?

Meanwhile, the other girls were screeching inwardly, No! Don’t say yes!

“W-When?” Joan stammered.

“In just a few moments. Wait for me here.” After Larry had said that, he strode back toward the basketball court.

Having taken his leave from his friends on the court, he walked back to her.

“Let’s go. We’ll go for a meal.”

Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he started forward as soon as he had finished saying that.

Joan silently trailed behind him with conflicting emotions blanketing her face; there were anxiety, apprehension, and even faint anticipation.

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