Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1536

Joan was stumped for a moment before she suddenly felt so happy that she couldn’t quite breathe.

Oh my God, I didn’t even dare dream of this, yet it has come true today!

“Forget it if you won’t be my girlfriend.”

Upon seeing that Joan wasn’t saying anything, Larry thought that she wanted to turn him down, so he spun around dejectedly to leave.

“I do!” Joan hastily blurted.

After all, how could she turn him down when this was something she wanted more than anything else?

All at once, Larry promptly whirled around in surprise. As he did so, he wore a wide smile on his face.

“Here, this basketball is for you. It was my birthday present from my father, and there’s Kobe’s signature on it!”

He handed the basketball in his hands to Joan.

With astonishment written all over her face, Joan took the basketball.

Is this my first gift from him? Undeniably, this gift is truly unique.

After getting together, Larry and Joan soon fell deeply in love to the point of no return. As for everything that happened later, well, that was already common knowledge.

As they both snapped back to reality at the same time, they laughed in concert as nostalgia teemed in their eyes.

“Regretfully, Kobe has already retired, so you won’t get to see him play basketball anymore,” Joan lamented with dismay.

“It’s okay. As long as you’re by my side, it no longer matters where we go and who we see,” Larry insisted smilingly.

At that, a wealth of warmth enveloped Joan.

“Let’s go! This is our last stop, so let’s wander around. We’ll see what’s delicious and fun here!”

Taking Joan’s hand, Larry started walking forward.

At the mention of food, Joan’s eyes lit up.

“Sure, sure! Let’s go and see what’s delicious here!” she urged.

“I heard that there’s a very delicious snack ahead,” Larry drawled, deliberately teasing her.

“What’s that?”

“I’m not telling you! Haha…”

“Hey, that’s unfair! Stop right there!” Joan cried out huffily.

Nonetheless, she allowed Larry to continue strolling forward while holding her hand.

Meanwhile, Carl presently was waiting for someone in a restaurant. Although he had been waiting for a long time without any sign of the other person, he was dead certain that she would come.

A while later, a woman with a nice figure in a black coat walked into the restaurant. Her face was obscured since she was wearing sunglasses, but one thing was certain—the woman was very beautiful.

The woman glanced around the restaurant. The second she caught sight of Carl, her eyes lit up, and she strode toward him.

When she reached his table, she sat down right across from him before slowly removing her sunglasses. It was none other than Gabriella.

As Carl stared at Gabriella before him, he beamed.

Back when he drank with a few ruffians, he obtained the contact information for a few desperadoes who straddled the edge of society from them.

At present, his life was bleak and miserable. Not only had he lost the golden opportunity of getting his big break by cozying up to the Ward family, but he had also lost the right to inherit his family business.

Thus, all those who had once followed him around and fawned all over him had also started giving him attitude.

During this time, he had experienced the cruelty of life and the fickleness of human beings.

For that reason, he hated Larry and Joan. If it weren’t because of them, he would never have ended up in such a sorry state.

Therefore, he was frantic to get his revenge against them. It was only when they were eliminated could he obtain gratification.

To that end, he had contacted a few desperadoes, hoping that they would help him finish Larry and Joan off. If that wasn’t possible, he wanted them to at least suffer some grievous injuries, perhaps breaking their arms or legs. Only by doing so would he be able to experience the rush of perverse pleasure.

Thereafter, he swiftly received a reply from the desperadoes. It was very simple to have them do a job—as long as the person offered enough money to entice them to take the risk, they would do it. But if the money was a mere pittance, they would never agree to the job.

Naturally, Carl expressed his understanding of their stance. After all, despite living a life fraught with risk, those desperadoes weren’t vulnerable to judgment by the law since they hid in the darkness.

However, once they make a move, they would be quickly targeted by the police.

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